Pete preps the bird   Photo of Month July 03

Here Pete, on the west porch, arranges the flag to be used in several photos. (Note: The flag in the '50s had 48 stars.)  The eagle was borrowed from the Hamilton Public Library where Mom was a board member.   We enjoyed setting up different scenes.

Bald Eagle in a tree 

We even held it on a low branch of the tree next to Hubbard Cosgrove's (The Pellett house) driveway.


Photo of Month August 03

The Watchman aboard the SS President demonstrates the meaning of Homeland Security as defined in August of 1940. 

SS President  Warsaw Point

The caption accompanying this set of photos says that the whole family, with the exception of Dad enjoyed an excursion on the converted sidewheeler, SS President, one day in August of 1940.  Perhaps Dad's absence this day could be explained by reviewing his comments made three years earlier.

  The first photo above shows the boat tied up at the landing at Victory Park in Keokuk.  The next photo was taken underway as we passed the Warsaw Point.

Victory Park  Stern of Wakerobin

The final three photos were all taken from the same vantage point (probably "B" deck), at the bow of the President when we tied up and got ready to disembark.  Check out all the neat cars in the parking lot.   

The Wakerobin Coast Guard sternwheeler

As seen in the previous photo the President tied up just downstream from the Wakerobin, which was a Coast Guard stern paddlewheel river tender that had the responsibility of maintaining and placing the buoys that were used in river navigation. Members of the Wakerobin crew can be seen relaxing on the portside sponson.

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