Fun in the Snow


Esther, Brownie, Bob

Esther inside; Bob entering Igloo



Unknown Boy, Dad, Bob, Esther

Dad was the 'Official Safety Engineer' for the Magnificent Igloo Construction Project, utilizing the hickory tree's trunk in the front yard.  You see him in the picture at the left making the final inspection of the project.  The igloo was Esther's idea and would make an excellent shelter but prove totally indefensible to frequent snowball attacks.  Other sturdy (and not so) snow fortifications were created around the neighborhood for those encounters (whose battles were of epic proportions, indeed!)


In 1951, the "new" car, (a 1947 cream colored Chevy), needed a longer garage.  A portion of the back wall, to the height seen here, was removed for the extension of two or three feet into the area of the back porch.

Dad designed and built the 'extension'.  Note the 'forgotten' door.

Pete removing garage bricks.  This was on the back porch before the patio was built.


"Do you think we're scaring anybody?"
"I don't know.  Whose black cat is that, anyway?"


Esther and Bobby
Overall Twins - May 1940

Childhood church affiliation.

Barbara Berryhill, Patricia Traylor, Bobby, and Esther - 1943
(An early connection with the Unitarian Church in Keokuk, Iowa, before its disbanding.)

Brothers Pete and Bob

Pete and Bob are bundled up against the chilly Hamilton weather.  The bike is a 'gift' from our older brothers.


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