Arthur to John, June 19, 1938

202 Elm Ave
Cheltenham Penna

June 19, 1938

Dear John

This is a rather extrordinary occurrance, judged by any standards you please. To the best of my recollection, in all the long years you have lived in the middle west, I have never written you a line. Joe Wells has retailed the news of you and yours from time to time, and even handed me letters of yours to read. More than once I have acquiesced to the stern admonition "you really ought to write to John " with a meek "OK, I will." However, the renewal of said admonition last night seemed to elicit a more definite reaction and here I am.

Part of this belated inspiration is undoubtedly the announcement of the arrival of the "Illinois heir." My heartiest congratulations to you and your Dorris. However, the senile bosom swells with grand-fatherly pride at the gratifying fact that in the Betty-Anne-Dorris sweep-stakes, our Betty beat you to the punch by some two weeks - a boy appearing on the scene here on May 28th. His name is Paul Robinson Bockman - 7 1/4 lbs F.O.B. hospital - now tipping the scales at 8 1/2 plus. Betty is doing quite well, and grand-pa and grand-ma slowly subsiding to normalcy. You young bucks may prance with pride at your exploits - I have a dim recollection of what it felt like - but there is something quite touching in the gratification that thrills the doddering old folks at the appearance of grand-children. I assure you it is pleasant albeit for some reason quite disconcerting.

We have a very nice set-up here, as perhaps you know. About a year ago Johnnie Bockman landed a job in Philadelphia & he & Betty moved down from Connecticut. They made home with us - you remember what a big ramshackle place I have. Then when it became apparant that the heir was on the way, we arranged for them to stay until after the event. About a month before the baby arrived they rented a very nice apartment in the village about two squares from my place, and leisurely moved their stuff in. While Betty was in the hospital this moving was completed, and when she came home she moved right into her new home, where they are now ensconced. Altogether a very satisfactory picture.

Anne (my daughter) is still single - has a good job at the Phila Savings Fund - drives her own car and seems flourishing. Arthur Jr has another year of school, which I hope will be at the Germantown Academy. He is 6 ft tall and weights 170. Florence and I are tottering around in the sere and yellow and enjoying life.

My very best regards to you and yours.

Sincerly, your brother Arthur

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