Arthur to John, January 7, 1941

Arthur Wells
6740 Lawnton Ave
Oak Lane Philadelphia


Dear John,

Your welcome note (with clipping) is acknowledged with thanks. Yes, I remember Robert Spencer but not particularly vividly. Thanks for the notice of his distinguished progress.

You ask for family gossip. I think you "rate" it and will make the effort to get you up-to-date, in the hope that you will answer and that we may in the future be a little more in contact.

We moved to the Oak Lane neighborhood last September. A bit of a housing crisis arose, in that my son-in-law John Bockman, my daughter Betty, and my grand-son Paul (a very grand grand-son) found their lease expired and were forced to move. They had difficulty in finding a house to suit them - so we decided to take a very large and (for us) quite magnificent old house which lent itself to installing the two families in a sub-apartment set-up for the the Bockmans. As a joint venture we are all enabled to live in a home such as separately we could neither have been able to afford. It is working out most successfully.

Florence and I are well and happy. Ann is still single, living with us and working at the Phila Saving Fund. Arthur Jr is working for brother Ted, doing well as a budding realtor. However, he becomes 21 in April and whether we like it or not, it seems probable that he will find himself in the Army shortly thereafter. Not altogether a bad thing. A year of service life will not be too great a hardship and he is not distressed at the idea.

Eleanor was down from Vermont over the Xmas holidays. She is well and enjoying life.

Guil has finally come to the parting of the ways with Ruth. He has left her and divorce proceedings are under way. It a sad but I think inevitable outcome to a situation that for years has been hopelessly unsatisfactory.

Esther and George seem permanently located in Arizona where George is doing much better and I think they are happier. Their daughter, young Eleanor, finishes her college work this month and has secured a job in Arizona so she will be near her parents - a very satisfactory arrangement.

Joe has left his job selling automobile insurance with Sears Roebuck and gone back to his first love, civil engineering and construction. He is with a big construction contractor and is located at Aberdeen Md building army barracks. The job pays exceptionally well but has the great disadvantage of making him live in out-of-the-way places about the country. Hence his Anne and the two babies are visiting her parents in Mass. until things settle down and they can re-join Joe.

Jim's widow Honey is settled in Easton. The younger boy is in Girard College and she has the older one with her. She is doing all right - at least as well as can be expected.

Ted is quite the Realtor, as you know. My boy, as I said, is working for him. While he is not setting the world afire, he has a nice little business and seems to enjoy it.

That seems to complete the roll-call. If you see your way clear to answer this - you suggest what you would like for us to discuss and I will try to cooperate. Believe it or not, I like to receive and write letters.

With the best of good wishes to you and yours.



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