Arthur to John, September 13, 1941

6740 Lawnton Ave
Oak Lane Philada

Sept 13, 1941

Dear John

Many thanks for the chance to read both the enclosed. Very belatedly I return them, realizing that they belong in your archives, not mine.

Also enclosed are "Two Addresses." You will realize that they had their genesis in our correspondence. I worked them out after laying the ground work in my letters to you. I have plenty of copies, so you need not return it.

We are all well and happy. As you doubtless know, George and Esther have left Arizona, partly through my instigation. He succeeded in getting a job in Phila and after an indefinite stay with the Charles and Mary Lippincott's in Germantown, will find a place to live and settle in or near Philada, I hope permanently.

Regards, A. W.

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