Dorris Esther Willows English Compositions

Memories fade rapidly. It would be a good idea to write them down when they come to mind.

These stories were written as English essays at Drake College, Des Moines, Iowa, from November 1933 through the spring of 1934.  She was 18 years old at this time.  Many of her stories are true accounts of her own experiences and interests, while using various aliases.  The agate and Uncle Willie stories are based on her visits to Ambrosia Lane.  Other stories come from her experiences of living with her Aunt Esther Grace (Willows) Sullivan in Des Moines while attending school.

Table of Contents


Creed of Life

The Romance in Science

The Formation Of Agates

Even This Shall Pass Away

"The Best Laid Plans O' Mice And Men"

Youth Speaks Today

Theme I

The Street Car


Uncle Willie


And They Call Us Civilized!


Modern Writing

Pick Up's



Indian Pipe


Platonism In Modern Education

A Cup Of Cool Water

I Lost My Job

Returning Home

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