1. Robert Murphy WELLS was born on 13 June, 1938 in Keokuk , Lee, Iowa.

Bob's bumpHe spent his childhood years growing up along the Mississippi River, in Hamilton, Illinois. Home life was was simple and the examples set by his parents and siblings would guide him throughout his whole life.  He was also influenced by many good people living in the neighborhood.
  Robert Wells and Betty Feld were married in 1957.

  Upon graduating from high school, he proudly served in the U.S. Navy from May 1956 to Aug 1979. 


 Senior Website Designer note:
(As of Nov 5, 2009, I can no longer recommend United States military duty to be a wise choice for today's youth. Please feel free to run away. An unfortunate series of events have occurred that no longer make it a patriotic experience worth pursuing, as sad as that may sound. The ability of our men in uniform to count on their shipmates and have their backsides covered has disappeared by executive, legislative and court decisions. Our present decrepit president is methodically and evilly disassembling this country's very framework which will lead to its downfall. He has the approval of a duped half of the citizens. The enemy lies within. I believe this to be in accordance with God's plan.")


    Eighteen Year Cancer Survivor: Thanks to a gracious God.