This web site is the outgrowth of  an earlier publication, "The Wells Account", which was mailed to family members between April, 1994 and March 1998.  First hosted by GeoCities, it has evolved through several URL's as the internet matured.  With ongoing updates, fresh material is added every month.
The following hints are offered to help you better find your way around this record of our ancestors.

1. These pages, in general, are arranged as family groups.

2. In each family group you will find the parents named first, followed by their offspring.

3. When you click on a linked parent, you will be taken to their parents' family group. You will enter that page at the same name you just left. This means, at times, you may have to scroll up towards the top of the family group to find the parents' name.

4. When you click on a linked child, you will be taken to the family group showing them as the parents, and their offspring.

5. If there is a comment after a name in the 'Index of Names', you will find additional notes, (sometimes extensive) when clicking to that page.

6. The pedigree charts are interactive.  Click on a name and be taken directly to that person's info.

7. This site was originally created using the premier genealogy program - Parsons Family Origins version 5.0.  That program changed owners a few times and is now being produced in its best form ever, by the original programmer, with a new name; RootsMagic.  This site is presently updated using MS Expression Web 2.

8.To return to the 'Home' page, click on Home found at the bottom of most pages.

9. The pictures have been reduced in resolution for faster web download.  If you would like a file of any picture at a higher resolution, email your request.

10. Further questions or corrections???     Send e-mail to --   info  at