400. William JOHNSON was born about 1705 in Virginia or Maryland. He died about 1785 in , Washington, Maryland. Who were the parents of James, Griffin and Thomas? From the positive evidence of Griffin's connection with Essex County, Va., it seems quite reasonable to believe that his father came from that County, which was organized in 1692. From it was formed Spotsylvania County in 1720 and from it Orange County was organized in 1734. The father probably moved into these newer counties, and from there up into Western Maryland where the opportunities for himself and sons were more favorable. But his name and the details of his life are still obscured in the records. The only hint of a name is the fact that a piece of land known as "Betty's Fancy" owned by Griffin Johnson in Allegheny County, Maryland, had been "patented to William Johnson." Family names such as Griffin, Disberry and Morrison have been used as given names among these Johnsons as the family can be traced; hence it is claimed that the wife of the progenitor of the Johnsons bore one of these names.

Children were:

child i. Thomas JOHNSON. Was one of the "intruders" in southeastern Ohio in 1785 whom the National Government sought to expel from his home, was undoubtedly a brother of James and Griffin. Whether he preceded James or accompanied him is unknown. His later life seems to be a blank.

child ii. Griffin JOHNSON was born in 1734 in , Essex, Virginia. He died in 1805 in , Allegheny, Maryland.

child200 iii. James JOHNSON.