68. William GRIFFITTS was born in 1724 in Wales. He died on 25 Aug 1762.

He was married to Abigail POWEL on 16 Apr 1752.

69. Abigail POWEL was born in 1735. She died on 16 Nov 1797.

    It is believed that she wrote the 'Abigail Griffitts Book - 1792.' This 505 page leather bound book (including 4 pages of Index) was written in long-hand script. The binding was all but disintegrated, but the pages and ink have remained in excellent condition. Peter S. Wells has current possession and has had it professionally restored. He transcribed the contents into digital format and after extensive proofreading, printed a number of bound replicas, which are in the hands of Abigail's descendants.  Esther Frances has prepared an 'addendum' based on information contained in "Daughters of Light", which provides background on a number of the names mentioned in Abigail's book.

    Referred to as the 'Cousin Abby' book in Linda Lippincott's letter to John Wells of the 30th day of the 4th month, 1961. Her letter in part: "O! what pure and devotional minded men and women preceded our rather loose and unresponsible generation! I infer that 'C.A.' was a person of deeply religious nature, intellectual and sensitive to spiritual discourses of these traveling ministers. So much so that she cared to collect them - maybe for her own reading. People then didn't have much of different types, did they? I wonder wherever did she get her material. Some dates are early. What praiseworthy penmanship with a quill, no doubt. Yes, easy on eyes. Evidently a most orderly person. The reader has a chance to study characters in these earlier years. I wonder if men and women ever communicated about other matters than purely religious topics. They were not a bit ambitious or progressive - all of life seemed to be centered in the Divine life and preparation for the hereafter. How sobering! At first, I began to read every page, then began to skip, was impressed by prayer of Francis Rawle & tribute to Wm Penn. Were you not impressed with the fine use of cultured words, phrases such as we do not know or use ever in this age - such as, 'Thou whose high attributes are beyond the low comprehensions of human ideas.' and how well an idea is carried thru to the end in complete expression. Thank you, good Friend.  Cousin Abby has soothed over many an empty evening, she has made a friendship that shall not fade."

Children were:

child i. Mary GRIFFITTS was born in 1753. She died in 1753.
child ii. Hester GRIFFITTS was born in 1754.
child iii. James GRIFFITTS was born in 1756. He died in 1836.
childiv. Samuel Powell GRIFFITTS Dr