24. James WILLOWS was born in 1825 in England.

James received a Federal Land Patent of 40 acres in Lewis County on March 10, 1856. SE quarter of the NE quarter, section 11, township 60-N, range 8-W. Patent issued when Franklin Pierce was president. (RMW has copy of document.)

"James Willows (1825-1909) was born in England, came to America via New Orleans, had a brother who was very ill in N.O., but insisted his brother James go on - so he did, and, by word of mouth, the story is that James thought his brother died, but later found out he didn't but so far as the family knows, he never saw him again." (Letter to James H. Gritton from Thelma L. (Mrs. Jerry) Ball of April 8, 1977.)

He died in 1909. He was buried in Liberty Cemetery, Lewis, Missouri.

Liberty Cemetery is a nice well-kept cemetery southwest of La Grange and can be reached by going south through La Grange on Business US 61. Go across the four lane Route 61 and take the local road on it's west side. One mile south of Wakonda State Park, turn west on the gravel road about 2 miles to Route Z, a blacktop road, north on Route Z 1/2 mile to Liberty Cemetery on the east side of the road. The record for Liberty shows 137 markers or stones. There are seven Johnson and four Willows' listed. About 3/4 mile east of Liberty Cemetery, in Bob Richters pasture is the Merrell Cemetery which contains the grave of Alice M., wife of J. T. Willows, Nov. 20, 1859 - February 28, 1888. This cemetery is much used by cattle and there are no stones standing. There are Johnsons and Willows listed in Lewis County telephone directories.

Chart of cemetery: Go in eight rows from road on west side. Starting at South end will be:
72. Disbury Johnson, Born in Ohio Nov 1, 1799, Died Greencastle, MO Feb 25, 1883
Nancy L. Gardner, Born in Maryland Jun 2, 1802, married in 1822 to D. Johnson, died in LaGrange, Missouri on Jan 9, 1883.
73. William Pillatt, 1850 - 1896
74. Etta Frances Pillatt, 1883 - 1933
75. James Willows, 1825 1909
Emaline Willows, 1830 - 1899
Emma Willows, 1862 - 1903


He was married to Emeline JOHNSON on 11 Dec 1851.

25. Emeline JOHNSON was born on 27 Jul 1830 in Ohio. She died in 1899. She was buried in Liberty Cemetery, Lewis county, Missouri.

Children were:

child i. James M WILLOWS was born on 11 Dec 1852. He died on 10 Jan 1942. "He was buried in Ewing or Dover. I think James Willows and his wife (son of 1st James) is buried out here in Ewing or maybe in Dover Cemetery... I have been told that there is a 2-story brick house down there that a James Willows built - I think they were talking of James, Jr. If I am correct about the house, it is still standing - not too far from the Dover Cemetery which is a little north and some west of the Liberty Cemetery. The house has become known as the Hackamack or Gaskie place and now Mr and Mrs John Scott live there and have renovated it." (Letter from Mrs. Jerry Ball, Ewing, Missouri, to James H. Gritton, May 30, 1977.)

child12 ii. John T WILLOWS

child iii. Joseph D WILLOWS was born in 1857 in Lewis county, Missouri.

child iv. Nancy Ellen WILLOWS was born on 11 Jan 1860 in Lewis county, Missouri. She died on 16 Aug 1919 and was buried in Liberty Cemetery, Lewis county, Missouri.

child v. Sarah Emeline WILLOWS was born in 1862 in Lewis county, Missouri. She died on 16 Jun 1903 and was buried in Liberty Cemetery, Lewis county, Missouri.

child vi. George N WILLOWS was born in 1865 in Lewis county, Missouri.

child vii. Lizzie B WILLOWS was born on 28 Feb 1867 in Lewis county, Missouri. She died on 11 Feb 1901. Date may be 18 Feb 1901

child viii. Arthur L WILLOWS was born on 10 May 1876 in Lewis county, Missouri.