4. David ALVIS Sr. was born in 1717 in , New Kent, Virginia. He died in 1787 in Saint Paul, Hanover, Virginia. Only known child of Geroge Alves.

Virginia Land Records: Records of Hanover County, p. 90, The Small Book. 1734 - Est: of David Alvis in hands of David Crenshaw, his late guardian. Mary Alves, dec'd, George Alves, dec'd.

Court Order Book 1, Amelia County, Virginia, 1735-1746, volume 1 H975.5634
Page 117 - 21 Jan 1742 - Suit, Bradley Cock vs David Olvis, Plaintiff awarded
attachment, returnable - next court.
Page 118 - Case Cock vs Olvis - defendant failed to appear last
court so attachment awarded against his estate;
Sheriff returned - attached 1 horse and saddle.
Page 122 - William Battersby became special bail for defendant in case of
Cock vs Olvis.
Page 133 - Bradley Cock given leave to amend his declaration against
David Olvis.
Page 182 - Feb 1744 - Judgement-Cock vs Alves to plaintiff for 12 pounds
and costs.
Page 194 - 18 May 1745-Debt action-Robert Jennings vs David Alves for 17/03/3
due bond. To plaintiff for sum, but judgement to be discharged by
payment of 8/10/1-12, with interest, costs and lawyer's fee.
Page 213 - 20 Sep 1745-John Hodnett vs David Alves.
Page 219 - 15 Nov 1745 - John Hodnett vs David Alvis, dismissed.
Page 229 - Attachment Robert Wathen vs David Alves, ordered garneshee to be
summond to declare how much of estate he has in his possession.
Page 250 - 20 Sep 1745 - Cock vs Olvis. David Olvis is not to be foung in my
bailiwick, Samuel Terry, Sheriff.

David, as a child, was wealthy. But as early as 1746, he had lost his wealth. One possibility is that he freed his slaves and thus had no means of income. He is listed as an adult for the first time about 1735, so it is assumed that he began his family soon after. Amelia County, Virginia, records show a history of frequent court cases. His grandsons begin appearing in the records in 1769 or earlier, so his sons started their families between 1760 and 1789 when Zachariah married. "Kathy Alvis Patterson"

He was married to Elizabeth STANLEY about 1745 in , Hanover, Virginia.

5. Elizabeth STANLEY. Virginia Land Records: Records of Hanover County, p. 103, The Large Book.
Oct. 4, 1787 - Eliz'b X Alvis receipt of payment by Wm Thomas 1/3 of tract of
land sold by her late husband David Alvis, of Hanover, to Moses Harris.

THE ALVIS EXCHANGE, No. 37, Winter 1997
More on Possible Stanley Ancestry: Correspondence between decendand Josephine Bass (jbass@digital.net) and Dr. Kenneth W. Stanley of Waynesboro VA turned up the following:
Thomas Stanley, Jr., son of Thomas Stanley, Sr., was born in New Kent County, VA, 23 Nov. 1689. Thomas Stanley, Jr., was married twice - His first wife was Elizabeth Maddox. His second wife was Elizabeth Crew. Children born to Thomas Stanley, Jr., and his first wife were Maddox Stanley, born 1715, who married Hannah McGee. A second child was Elizabeth Stanley, born 1718. A third child was Margery Stanley, born 1722, died 1807, who married Gideon Ellyson. Thomas Jr. later had 9 additional children by his second wife, Elizabeth Crew. The names of the children were Mary, born 1729, Thomas born 1731, Pleasants, born 1733, John born 1735, Zachariah, born 1737, Sara, born 1739, Anne, born 1741, Nathan, born 1743, and Joseph, born 1747.
Dr. Ken Stanley stated, "I wrote that the Elizabeth Stanley, born 1718, in New Kent County, VA may have been married. I also suggested again that it might be possible to discover such information if a person went to the New Kent County, VA courthouse and checked the marriage record bond records.
"My information as described here comes directly from Donald W. Stanley's unpublished research, so please give him the credit for what he accomplished. Donald W. Stanley in 1971 wrote an unpublished research paper, titled "Our Stanley Ancestors". His branch of the Stanley family descended from Strangeman Stanley who migrated from Henrico County, VA to Guilford County, NC, then to Forsyth County, NC, close to Winston-Salem, NC. Donald W. Stanley was the sone of Ron Stanley and Strangeman Stanley was Ron Stanley's Great Grandfather. This branch of the Stanleys were said to be Quakers.

Children were:

child i. John ALVIS was born about 1739 in , Louisa, Virginia. He died after 1805 in , Hanover, Virginia. Revolutionary War veteran.

He was involved with George Alvis in a lawsuit in Louisa County, Virginia.
He was married in the 1760's.
He was a sergeant in Captain John Winston's Company of the 14th Virginia.
Regiment commanded by Colonel Charles Lewis, 1776-1777.
In 1781 he was a paid substitute.
He was on the Hanover County Tax lists for 1781-82, 1787.
In 1788 he consented to the marriage of his daughter Lucy.
He was on the Goochland County tax lists for 1788-91, once with Matthew.
In 1789 he was insolvent in Goochland County.
He was on the Hanover County tax lists for 1793, 1795, 1805. (Moves back and forth from Hanover County to Goochland were always with George).
He probably had 3-4 sons, two daughters.

child ii. George ALVIS was born about 1741 in , Hanover, Virginia. He died about 1806 in , Hanover, Virginia. He was involved in 1761 in a Louisa County lawsuit.
He was married in the 1770's.
He was listed on Hanover County, Virginia, tax list for 1782 with 5 people.
He was on the Goochland County Tax lists, 1788, 89, 90, 91.
1790 Census, Virginia.
He was on the Hanover County Tax lists, 1802, 03, 05.
In 1806, two daughters of George Alvis, deceased, were married in Goochland.
1810 Census, Hanover County, possibly his widow Elizabeth.
1814-17, Elizabeth was taxed in Hanover County.
The Louisa County and Campbell County Alvises may be his sons.

LOUISA COUNTY, VIRGINIA - Deed Book A & B, 1742-1757.
page 3 - 01 Feb 1743 - John Michie to Benjamin Arnoll - 200 acres adjoining George Alvis.
page 42 - 26 Jul 1748 - 292 acres on both sides of Dirty Swamp in Fredericksville Parish, joining George Alvis' line...
page 137 - 05 Jun 1758 - George Alvis line...
page 139 - 04 Apr 1758 - George Alvis line...

Deed Book C, C-1/2, D, D-1/2 - 1750-1774
page 24 - 1762 - George Alvis

child2 iii. Forester ALVIS

child iv. David ALVIS Jr was born about 1748 in , Goochland, Virginia. He died before 1814 in , Goochland, Virginia. Ancestor of Alvis Hancock.

From Order Book, Goochland County Courthouse.
David was listed among Virginia Taxpayers 1782-87 other than those published by the United States Census Bureau, p. 3, Goochland County.
1789, insolvent.
1789-91, 1794-95, still in Goochland County. In these years there were 2 Davids over 16.
1795, mentioned in an estate settlement, Goochland County.
1796-1806, one David was on Goochland County tax lists. Harris on 1799 tax list.
1798, surity at marriage of daughter Agnes (Aggie).
1800, possibly this David on Buckingham County tax list.
1802, daughter Polly married in Augusta County, Virginia, "Meris" was surity.
1814, listed as deceased.

child v. Shadrach ALVIS was born about 1750 in , Goochland, Virginia. He died in 1806 in , Goochland, Virginia. Shadrach was listed among Virginia Taxpayers 1782-87 other than those published by the United States Census Bureau, p. 3, Goochland County.
1782, 84, 87-9, 91-9, 1800-03, Goochland County tax lists.
1803, son Meredith probably with Ashley in Buckingham County.
1805, marriage of daughter Polly; Elijah's son David surity.
1806, died leaving will in Goochland County.
Named in deeds: 1798, 1800, 1803, 1804.
Goochland County tax lists, 1782, 84,87, 88, 89, 91, 92, 93, 94, 95, 96, 97, 98, 99, 1800, 01, 02, 03. Widow in tax lists (w/David, 16+) 1809-1813 (w/son 16+ in 1813, Shadrach, Jr.), 1814 (w/Major Alvis), 1815-1816 (w/Robert), 1817, 1827.

child vi. Ashley ALVIS was born in 1751 in , Goochland, Virginia. He died before 1811 in , Sumner, Tennessee. Ashley was listed among Virginia Taxpayers 1782-87 other than those published by the United States Census Bureau, p. 3, Goochland County.

1794, Buckingham County, with Nowlings, 1795-97, with 2 sons 16 Or 21+, 1798 with Charles, C [?], John, 1799, same, 1800 with one son 16+, Charles, David and David, Jr., 1801, Charles, Edmond, Meredith & 2 other sons, 1802, with Charles, Edmond, Abraham, 1803, with son and Meredith, 1804, Edmond & Abraham, 1805, same.

Ashley moved to Sumner County, Tennessee, about 1806. He is listed in Sumner County, Tennessee on the 1816 Early Tenessee Tax List.

Sumner County, TN, Deed Abstracts, p. 132, Deed 27 Dec 1809, Patrick McBride, Franklin County, TN, to Patsey Alvis, Ashley Alvis and Elijah Alvis, $100, tr on branch of W. Goose Creek, part of an entry made by him sd McBride, being 50 acres. Wit. John Carr, Hugh Stapleton.

Is Polley Alvis Elijah's sister, Nancy? It appears that Ashley and his two children by the second marriage went to Sumner County, Tennessee, sometime after 1798 and before 1809.

"Impartial Review and Cumberland Repository" Published by Thomas Easton. September 29, 1808, Vol. 3, No. 147. The following persons reported estrays in Sumner County, per William Trigg. R.S.C. (2) A bay mare was taken up by Ashley Alvis on Goose Creek. The mare was appraised at $27 before John Barr, J.P. on August 29, 1808.

child vii. Elijah ALVIS was born in 1752 in , Goochland, Virginia. He died in Oct 1822 in , Goochland, Virginia. Elijah fought in the Revolutionary War on the Virginia Line. His application for pension is W5608. He applied 13 July 1818 in Louisa County, Virginia. In 1820 the soldier was aged 68 and in Goochland County, Virginia. His wife was 50-60 and he had four daughters; Polly upwards of 30, Nancy about 30, Janes 23, and Betsy about 15. Elijah and Shadrach signed a marriage bond for him to marry Elizabeth Clarke on 15 October 1784. The widow applied for his pension on 31 May 1839 in Goochland County, Virginia, aged 77. Elijah died in October 1822.

ALVIS, Elijah (Elizabeth). W5608

13 July 1818, Louisa County, Virginia. Elijah Alvis declares he served under Capt. Holman Rice in the regiment of Col. Richard Taylor for two years and eight months.

18 Sept., 1820, Goochland County, Virginia. Elijah (X) Alvis of said county, aged 68, declares he served two years in the regiment of Col. Francis Taylor and company of Capt. Holman Rice. He was in no battles.

He was an overseer, but is now not able to pursue that occupation. He has no estate whatever.

His wife is aged between 50 and 60 and his four daughters are Polly, aged upwards of 30; Nancy, aged of 30; Jane, aged about 23; and Betsy, aged about 15.

31 May 1839, Goochland County, Virginia. Elizabeth (X), widow of Elijah Alvis, of Goochland County, aged 77, declares she was married in October 1784 and her husband died in October 1822.

25 May 1839, Goochland County Virginia. Zachariah (X) Alvis of Henrico County, aged 79 declares that Elijah Alvis married Elizabeth Clarke in Goochland County. They were married by Reuben Ford (Baptist preacher) between the close of the Revolutionary War and 1789.

Marriage bond, Goochland County, Virginia, 15 Oct. 1784, Elijah (X) Alvis to Eliza Clarke, Security Shadrach (X) Alvis.

25 Aug. 1843, Goochland County, Virginia. Elizabeth (X) Alvis of said county, aged 76, applies for continuance of pension.

Elijah Alvis of Louisa County, Virginia, private in regiment of Col. R. Taylor in Virginia Line for two years, was placed on the Virginia pension roll at $8 per month under the Act of 1818, beginning 13 July 1818. Certificate 6403 was issued 3 Feb. 1819.

Elizabeth Alvis, widow of Elijah Alvis, who died 1820, private in regiment of Col. Taylor in Virginia Line for two years, placed on the Richmond, Virginia pension roll at $80 per annum under the Act of 1838. Certificate 3848 was issued 12 Aug. 1839. Certificate 3489 was issued under act of 1843.

1810 Census, Goochland County, Virginia. 121[torn]11200/11200.
1820 Census, Goochland County, Virginia. 000001/01121.
1840 Census, Goochland County, Virginia. 0/000001101/22/1201. She died in 1846.
Four daughters were listed in the 1850 Census.

child viii. Stanley ALVIS was born in 1755 in , Hanover Co, Virginia. He died after 1810 in Saint Paul, Hanover, Virginia. Tithe for Sarah Hambleton in Louisa County, St. Martin's Parish, 1770.
Louisa County 1775, St. Martins Parish.
Louisa County Tithables & Census, 1743-85, page 113.
1790 Census, Virginia. Hanover County, List of John Lawrence, Gent'n Captain John Thomson's and Thomas Price's Companies of Militia, Captain Owen Dabny District. List of George Clough.
1810 Census, Goochland County, Virginia.

"Old Houses of Hanover County, VA, pp. 131-132. LITTLE GARDEN
Little Garden is a short distance from Route 33 between Montpelier and the Louisa County line. This land was originally within the boundaries of the large Morris crown grant which included the Taylor's Creek estate, Canterbury, and Claremont. Named for the small garden that once surrounded the house, Little Garden, despite architectural changes, has retained most of its 18th century frame construction, including much of the original iron-work. Legend says that the first owner, named Jones, was a blacksmith.
The earliest tax records show that Walter Chisholm sold the property in 1793 to Stanley Alvis. In 1802, Alvis sold the house and 101 1/2 acres to Thomas and Susannah Carver. The graveyard near the house has three existing graves which are: Susannah Carver, 1780-1844; Mary Carver Baker, 1812-1868; Samuel Martin Baker, 1815-1890.
Thomas Carver died in 1838 and his wife, Susannah, continued to pay taxes on the property. Carver's children included Dr. Thomas Parke Carver of Bellevue in Hanover County; Mary A. Baker, wife of Samuel M. Baker; Elizabeth Carver; and Charlotte H. Carver.
In 1856, Charlotte Carver married Richard Waldrop of Montpelier. They had a pre-marriage agreement recorded at Hanover Court House. It stated that she owned 213 acres which included Little Garden and Chisolm's tracts. The land and slaves, Cilah, Rosetta, China, Martha Ann, and Charles, were to be divided among her existing family in the event of her death. The document also stated, "Joseph W. Duggins and Mary C. Duggins were to receive such portions as would according to law be assigned to a brother or sister of Charolotte H. Carver if she died without issue." The heirs of Elizabeth Ophelia Duggins in 1955 sold the property to Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Trible. In 1978, the present owners, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lewis, purchased Little Garden.

child ix. Jesse S. ALVIS was born in Aug 1757 in Saint Paul, Hanover, Virginia. He died about 1841 in , Washington, Indiana. Buried about 1841 near Pekin, Washington, Indiana. Jesse served in the Revolutionary War on the Virginia Line. He applied for a pension on 24 June 1819 in Shelby County, Kentucky, at age 62. His application was S35765. In 1820 the soldier had two sons, 15 and 11. He had three daughters aged 20, 13, and 8. The soldier was born in August 1757. In 1837 the soldier and his wife lived in Washington County, Indiana.
Two of son's names:
Thomas in Kentucky in 1820, David in Indiana, two other sons at home.
He was listed in Shelby County, Kentucky in the 1810 Census. S2-224-41.
1830 Census, Shelby County, Kentucky.
1840 Census, Washington County, Indiana.

ALVIS, Jesse. S.35765
24 June 1819. Shelby Co., Ky. Jesse Alvis of said county, aged 62 in August next, declares he enlisted in the company of Capt. Holman Rice of Third Virginia Regiment (Col. Francis Taylor) in March 1778. He continued in service until April 1780 and was discharged at Winchester.
30 June 1820. Shelby Co., Ky. Jesse (X) Alvis declares he is a farmer but is prevented from doing hard labor by rheumatic pains.
This family consists of his wife and five children (sons aged 15 and 11 and daughters aged 21, 15 and 8). His younger son was born a cripple with a reel foot.
He owns one horse, a plow, two sows and shoats, an ax, cooking utinsels and table furniture, [blurred].
October 15, 1834. Shelby Co., Ky. James M. Franklin states that in the winter of 1778-79 he saw Alvis at the America Barrack in Albermarle Co., Va., acting as a guard. Holman Rice was his captain and Col. Francis Taylor commanded. Early in 1781 the soldiers marched to Winchester and then to Jamestown. Then they marched to Yorktown and Alvis was in the seige there. The troops were marched to Winchester and then back to Yorktown to act as a guard to the baggage, arriving there about November 1781. At this time Franklin was discharged and did not again see Alvis, but he believes he served a year afterward. When the troops were first marched to Winchester, Capt. Rice did not go (being sent South) and First Lieut. Edward Herne commanded.
13 Feb. 1837. Washington Co., Ind. Jess (X) Alvis declares he was lately removed to Indiana from Kentucky. He and his wife were getting old and went to live with their son David Alvis.
20 Feb. 1837. Jess(X) Alvis requests payments to be made at New Albany pension agency.
Jesse Alvis of Shelby Co., Ky., private in regiment of Col. Taylor in Virginia line for two years, was placed on the Kentucky pension roll at $8 per month from 24 Jun 1819 under the Act of 1818. Certificate 14178 was issued 16 Sept. 1819.

In 1786 he was witness to the marriage of Nancy Alvis, Henrico County.
1792-4, Goochland tax lists.
Sued by Thomas Alvis about 1797-98.
1800-06, Goochland County tax lists, with David, 16+.
1810 Census, Shelby County, Kentucky: 20201/12101.
1819 Filed for Revolutionary War Pension in Shelby County, Kentucky.
1820 Census, Shelby County, Kentucky: 020001/11101.
1830 Census, Shelby County, Kentucky: 000000001/000110001.
1837, moved to Indiana, according to pension.
1840 Census, Washington County, Indiana with son-in-law William Johnson.
He died about 1841 in Washington County, Indiana.
He is buried at Mt. Washington Cemetery, Section 26, Township I, Range 4, in Pierce Township near Pekin, Indiana.

child x. Nancy ALVIS was born about 1760 in Saint Paul, Hanover, Virginia. "Marriage Bonds of Henrico County, Virginia, 1782-1853" Compiled by Michael E. Pollock. Genealogical Publishing Company, Baltimore, 1984. Page 130.
PORTER, WILLIAM to NANCT ALVIS, giving her own consent, BENJ'N and JESSY ALVIS witnesses to the consent. JOHN TURNER, surity. 22 August 1786.

child xi. Zachariah ALVIS was born on 25 May 1761 in , Hanover, Virginia. He died between 1833 and 1842 in , Goochland, Virginia. Zachariah served in the Revolutionary War in the Virginia Line. He applied for a pension 17 September 1832 in Goochland County, Virginia. He was aged 71 at the time. His application number was S8015. He was born 25 May 1761 in Hanover County, Virginia, and moved to Goochland County, Virginia, when he was two or three years of age.

1810 Census, Goochland County, Virginia.
1820 Census, Goochland County, Virginia.
1830 Census, Goochland County, Virginia.

ALVIS, Zachariah, S8015.
17 Sept. 1832, Goochland Co., Va. Zachariah (X) Alvis of said county, aged 71, declares he was drafted into divisions for tours of duty and when his turn came was ordered out under Capt. William H. Miller (of militia) to Albemarle County. He served at least one month in the latter part of 1779 guarding British prisoners, called the Saratoga prisoners at Albemarle Barracks.

He was again ordered out and marched under Capt. Edward Smith to Albermarle Barracks and served the same length of time.

When Tarleton came to Charles City Court House and did a good deal of mischief in the neighborhood, all Goochland County militia were called out. He marched under Capt. Thomas Hatcher to Sandy Point on James River and there was put under the command of Col. Charles Fleming. They crossed to Cabin Point and after remaining there a considerable time he was discharged. He served about three months. They took a good many prisoners that deserted from the enemy.

After returning home he moved to Hanover County and in the fall of that year, having failed to carry from his captain a certificate of the division he stood in Goochland, he was drafted in Hanover County militia for three months and marched under Capt. Charles Dabney to Williamsburg. They retreated across the river at Ruffin's Ferry when Cornwallis came and took Williamsburg. They marched across country for some time and joined Marquis La Fayette at Allen's Creek in Hanover County and marched to Little York. He was under Maj. Armistead at Williamsburg.

After they marched from Allen's Creek, a Maj. McCluman appointed him his bowman in which capacity he served a short time, but not liking the business he got himself excused.

After the surrender of Cornwallis he lived one or two years in Hanover County (where he was born 25 May 1761) and then moved to Goochland County where he has since resided.

Zachariah's marriage was not in his pension papers implying that he outlived his wife. Cindy Clark recently found his marriage record, indexed under Olvis: Zachariah Olvis and Elizabeth Webster, 26 Sep 1789, Goochland County, Virginia Marriage Bonds in Deed Book 15, page 478.