828. William CHAPLINE III  was born in 1686. He died in 1752.  William III was a planter as his father and grandfather had been.

They lived on the tract of land from Hugh Riley near what is now Washington, D.C., (Solomon having inherited the main plantation).

In 1730 William was influenced by the population's interest to move onto the frontiers of the Western provinces.

In 1730 he sold part of his "Forest" plantation to Joseph (for five shillings plus love and affection) and moved to the frontiers of Virginia.

The "Little Bottom" grant of 465 acres William received in Northern Virginia (which later became West Virginia) was located along the Potomac on the south side of Horseshoe Bend, about four miles above Shepherdstown. In 1730 William moved to his new plantation, four years before Thomas Shepherd was to receive the grant for his tract which would become Shepherdstown.

While his father was making the move and building his new plantation home, Joseph being the oldest kept the children with him at "Forest".

He was married to Elizabeth RILEY in 1706.

829. Elizabeth RILEY

Children were:

child i. Joseph CHAPLINE was born in 1707. He died in 1769.
child ii. William CHAPLINE was born in 1709. He died in 1726.
child iii. Mary CHAPLINE was born in 1712.
child iv. Anna CHAPLINE was born in 1714.
child414 v. Moses CHAPLINE
child vi. Elizabeth CHAPLINE was born in 1722.