6624. Issac CHAPLINE was born in 1585 in , England. He died about 1650 in , Charles City, Virginia.


The Indians looked on the early settlers as invaders of their area but since it was only one or two families at a time coming into the areas, the Indians were not too concerned. They were still very much in control. The white man also brought with him items from Europe which the Indian had never seen. The settlers learned the ways of the Indian, how to hunt, trap and plant crops, etc., while the Indian learned about construction, guns and civilization. It was a unique experience for both.

Western Maryland had no difficulty with the Indians except on individual situations where the settler would deceive or cheat the Indians or hard feelings would arise which would usually result in a massacre of the family.

In March, 1732, Charles - Lord Baltimore offered 200 acres of land in fee simple for 40 shillings sterling to any settler who would go over the mountain into Western Maryland so that they could "populate the back lands of his province".

As the settlers came they felt no need to build forts because the Indians were friendly. They built instead, small log cabins, cleared land and started to farm, hunt and carve a way of life.

The Great Spring (where Sharpsburg is today) ever flowing with its large cavern beneath, provided fresh water for stock and the early resident that settled close-by.

The "Belinda Springs" about two miles away along Antietam Creek was the campground area and water supply of the Catawbas. They preferred this "Health water" to the river water. It tasted different and by legend provided good health.

About 1740, the Catawbas left the area and the Delawares took over the control of the upper Potowmack. For the most part, the area was deserted except for a few scattered settlers.


The Chapline family can best be described as having adventure in their hearts and daring in their souls. They were a military family as evidenced by the six generations that answered the call of their allegiance. They were also a family of the law with numerous generations supplying lawyers, justices and judges.

As an insight into early American History and how the Chaplines' progressed to the point of Joseph Chapline founding Sharpsburg, we go back to the time when American was first settled.

Isaac Chapline, born in England in 1585, was the latest in a long line of aristocratic Chapline's. He entered the English Royal Navy, where, as a result of his high family position, soon became a Captain of one of her Majesty's ships. In 1606 he married Mary Calvert, daughter of Leonard Calvert of the founding Maryland family, that governed for 139 years from 1632 to 1771.

Isaac first came to America on June 9, 1610, on his ship "Starr" bringing Lord Delaware the first governor of Virginia. The "Starr" and the other two ships accompanying him were loaded with 200 settlers and supplies.

They arrived in the James River near Jamestown just as the last few remaining early Jamestown residents had given up hope and boarded their ship to return to England and forsake this difficult land.

Had Isaac not arrived in time it is interesting to speculate whether America would have developed as we know it.

England had already had several major setbacks in America and was ready to give up on colonizing the new world, but with the new people and fresh supplies, Jamestown was saved and reestablished. Isaac was appointed a member of the Kings's Council to the colonies, a position he held for many years. All lands at this time were known as Virginia, named for the Virgin Queen. Maryland was sectioned out and established in 1632 when Charles Calvert came as the Lord Proprietary.

Isaac and Mary had their first son, John, born in England in 1607. Isaac and his family decided to immigrate to America in 1622. They brought with them their five servants and were granted several large tracts of land in what was then still Virginia. In 1623 Isaac and his wife Mary had daughter Mary and in 1625, son William was born. It is this son William, we will follow in developing the Chapline lineage.

He was married to Mary CALVERT in 1606.

6625. Mary CALVERT

Children were:

child i. John CHAPLINE was born in 1607.
child ii. Mary CHAPLINE was born in 1623.
child3312 iii. William CHAPLINE I