56. Zephaniah ALVIS  was born about 1783 or 1784, in Chesterfield, Virginia.

He died on 23 Dec 1840 in Manchester, Chesterfield, Virginia. Death date from pension application for service in the War of 1812. "War of 1812 Pensioners" transcribed by Virgil D. White, 1989. ALVIS, Zephaniah, (or Lvis), Lucy, WO-8081, served in Virginia Militia. Zephaniah was a veteran of the War of 1812. He served in the Virginia Militia from Chesterfield Co. Va.

Possible twin of Barbara.

1820 Census, , Chesterfield, Virginia. 20001/20010
1830 Census, , Chesterfield, Virginia. 010101/21201

He was married to Lucy HORNER on 12 Jan 1811 in , Chesterfield, Virginia. 11 January 1811. Zephaniah ALVIS and Lucy Horner, dau. of Abijah Horner who consents. Sur. Owen Franklin. Wit. Edward Burnett. Married 12 January by Rev. Jordan Martin. p. 106.

57. Lucy HORNER was born on 9 Apr 1792 in , Chesterfield, Virginia.

Children were:

child28 i. Henry Jefferson ALVIS
child ii. Joseph Spencer ALVIS was born on 19 Feb 1814. Died in infancy
child iii. Martha Ann ALVIS was born on 28 Mar 1816. She died on 30 Nov 1899.
child iv. Edward Jordan ALVIS was born on 24 Mar 1818.
child v. Mary Jane ALVIS was born on 15 Oct 1820.
child vi. Caroline Matilda ALVIS was born on 11 Dec 1822. She died in 1898.
child vii. Lucinda Frances ALVIS was born on 13 May 1825. Died young
child viii. Eliza Susan ALVIS was born on 2 Jun 1827. She died in 1903.
child ix. Sarah Elizabeth ALVIS was born on 21 Sep 1829. She died in Brooklyn.
child x. Emeline ALVIS was born on 22 Jul 1832. Died in infancy. Twin of Eveline
child xi. Eveline S. P. ALVIS was born on 22 Jul 1832. Twin of Emeline