Sheffield DANIELS was born on 2 Aug 1787 in Keene, Cheshire, New Hampshire.  He was an elder in the Mormon Church.

He was married to Abigail WARREN.

Abigail WARREN was born on 23 Feb 1800 in , Madison, Maine.

She was married to HUNT. Abigail Warren and Hunt had the following children:

childi. Charles HUNT

Abigail WARREN was married to Sheffield DANIELS about 1820.

Far West Record, p. 257 par. 4
Abigail DANIELS (1800-?), a native of Maine and the daughter of Daniel and Sarah Warren, was married to Sheffield Daniels.

Sheffield DANIELS

Residency-Data:  Dryden, Tomkins, NY, 1822-24; Clay County, MO, 1836; Caldwell County, MO; Half Breed Tract 1840 and Nauvoo, Hancock, IL.

Far West Record, p. 204 par. 7 -- "We, the undersigned, being appointed a committee to attend at the house of John Patten, to hear and investigate the cause of complaint, that was lodged before this quorum by David Frampton against John Patten, beg leave to, and do, report that we did attend to that duty, and found John Patten and Sheffield Daniels, and Abigail Daniels under transgression and are of the opinion that they ought not to be admitted to the Sacrament until there is a better understanding and more union between them, and we further believe, that the ground work of all this contention originated from John Patten, directing those men, to wit: Daniels, Johnson, Pettigrew, Fairchild &c to purchase claims to cover a certain 40 acres of land, and then, before they laid their claims before the [page 205] Committee, he, the said Patten secured to himself the land, and wanted those men to have their claims laid on some other piece or parcel of land & herein they were dissatisfied, & thus the contention arose, and we further believe, that Br John Patten’s conduct is of such a nature towards Br Sheffield Daniels and his wife, and others, that unless he makes satisfaction to this Conference at our next meeting, that his licence be called for by the President and be requested to give them up.”

At Richmond Missouri, Sheffield was charged with treason, murder, arson, burglary, robbery, and larceny and was put on the Missouri trials but was discharged as innocent. There are many stories about the Mormon problems.  Some other comments.

Forced to flee Missouri in 1839 when faced with the threat of death, the Mormons, including Sheffield and his family crossed the Mississippi River into Illinois and the surrounding area.

We find Sheffield and his family listed in the 1840 census, in the area then known as Iowa. The settlement at Nauvoo wasn't fit for human habitation, so they had apparently moved across the river to Iowa where the soil was reportedly as good as the soil they left in Misssouri.  Living next to him we find Henry J. Alvis and wife, Electa.  This area should prove out to be the Alvis farms on Ambrosia Lane.  On that same census is listed Brigham Young and his family, who lived in the old military barracks at the closed Fort Des Moines in the Montrose area until their home was built in Nauvoo several years later.

Children were:

child i. Electa DANIELS
child ii.   Aaron DANIELS was born on 1 Aug 1822 in Dryden, Tompkins, New York.
child iii.  George Washington DANIELS was born on 29 Dec 1824 in Dryden, Tompkins, New York
child iv.   Sarah DANIELS
child v.    Stephen DANIELS  Name also spelled Steren.
child vi.   Nathan DANIELS was born about 1830.
child vii.  Eunice DANIELS was born on 29 Jul 1833 in  , Jackson, Missouri.
child viii. Esther DANIELS Name spelled Ether.
child ix.   Susan DANIELS
child x.    Luke DANIELS
child xi.   Philema DANIELS was born on 4 Feb 1838.  Name also spelled Philena.
child xii.  Lehi DANIELS was born on 22 Mar 1836 in  , Clay, Missouri.  Also listed as March 1, 1836.

Sheffield DANIELS died about 1843/44 in Iowa.

James Williams stated, "In the spring of 1844 my father brought to us motherless children a widowed woman by the name of Abigail Daniels, widow of Sheffield Daniels of Kirtland and Missouri persecutions.  Father asked us if we were willing for him to take her to wife, that we might have a mother to look to our best interest.  I readily gave my consent, and my brother and little sister also gave their consents.  They were united in Montrose in the Masonic Hall with closed doors.  She had been married twice before she married my father, first to Mr. Hunt by whom she had one son named Charles, second to Sheffield Daniels by whom she had namely:  Aaron, Electa, George, Sarah, Steren, Nathan, Eunice, Ether, Susan, Luke, Philena."