Samuel DANIELS II was born June 8, 1720.  He died after 1767.

He was married to Hannah HILL.

Hannah HILL was born February 24, 1726 and died after 1767.

Children were:

child i.  Daniel DANIELS was born October 9, 1743.

child ii. Samuel DANIELS III was born October 9, 1744.

child iii.  Reuben DANIELS was born 1746.  He died after 1775.  He married Jerusha Ware.  Jerusha was born after 1731.  She died after 1774.

child iv.  Experience DANIELS was born October 6, 1748.  She died after 1774.

child v.  Addington DANIELS was born May 18, 1751.  Addington died after 1770.  He married Elizabeth.  Elizabeth was born 1751.  She died after 1767.

 child vi.  Hannah DANIELS was born May 2, 1753.  She died after 1754.

child vii.  Peter DANIELS was born October 27, 1756.  Peter died after 1757.

child viii.  Lois DANIELS was born April 6, 1759.

child ix.  Bethia DANIELS was born February 14, 1762.  She died after 1776.  She married Ebenezer Horner.  Ebenezer was born about 1745.  He died after 1776.

child x. Aaron DANIELS

child xi.  Hannah DANIELS was born January 12, 1793.  She died after 1793.