Jonathan FAIRBANKS  was born in 1595 in Sowerby, England.  He died 1668 in Norfolk, Massachusetts.

He married twice.  He was married to Mary FISH.

He was married to Grace Lee SMITH, 20 May, 1617 in Halifax, England

Grace Lee SMITH was born 6 June, 1599 in Halifax Parish, Yorkshire, England.  She died on 19 June, 1676 in Norfolk, Massachusetts.. 

Children were:

childi.  James FAIRBANKS

childii. John FAIRBANKS was born 1618.

child iii. George FAIRBANKS, Capt.

child iv. Mary FAIRBANKS was born April 18, 1622.

child v.  Jonas FAIRBANKS was born May 6, 1624.

child vi.  Susan FAIRBANKS was born December 23, 1627.

child vii. Jonathan FAIRBANKS was born 1628.

child viii.  Sarah FAIRBANKS was born 1631.

child ix.  Martha FAIRBANKS was born 1636.