Rev. George W. BOWMAN

Reverend Bowman was married to Harrietta S.   In 1920 Rev. Bowman was living with his wife, Harrietta S. at their home on Market Street in Laurel, Delaware.

Harrietta S.


Children were:

child i.  Florence V. BOWMAN

child ii. H. Bertrude 'Bertie' BOWMAN  was born about 1875 in Pennsylvania. 



Aunt Bertie married Mr. LEWIS who was deceased by 1930 when the census shows her living with her father, the Rev. George W. BOWMAN, in his home on West Sixth Street in Laurel, Delaware. She was very influential with her advice and care giving during John M. Wells' marriage to Madlin.


Aunt Bertie was a visiting teacher, state board.