(Front Page, Hamilton Press)
Maurice Dadant, LeRoy
Knoeppel and Louis Dadant
Are the Champion Fishermen

 The highlights of the news this week is a forty pound catfish story with all the evidences intact at Gray’s Ice house. Maurice Dadant, Louis Dadant and LeRoy Knoeppel are the principal actors in the stirring marine drama.

 Having fished below the dam Tuesday afternoon with only mediocre luck, they were about to call it a day, when suddenly the flow of water was checked in the Power House, causing the water level below the dam to receed nearly two feet in the short time of a few minutes.

 As the water went down the cement apron on the dam began to appear, and on it, lo and behold, was the waddling, struggling form of a huge marine monster, which upon closer examination, proved to be a mammoth catfish.

 The men lunged at it, and with concentrated assault by hickory oars and what not, it was subdued and lifted into the boat. No more time was wasted for further catches. The men rowed as they never had pulled on oar before. The main objective was to reach shore with the evidence.

 At Gray’s ice house uptown the catch tipped the scale at forty pounds. Yesterday morning the principal actors had their pictures taken, the victim closely surrounded by the three mariners. After that the fish was carried through town as cars with blaring sirens followed to proclaim the catch of the year and forever subdue any doubts that a forty pound catfish is still to be had in the Mississippi.

Maurice and Louis Dadant were in the beekeeper's supply business. LeRoy  Knoeppel was Superintendent of Hamilton High School.

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