Concerning That Fish

To the Editor of the Press.

Dear Sir:

 Concerning that fish.

 In a round about way I have heard that my insults have only succeeded in arousing ire. I looked in vain in last week’s Press for a come-back. Instead of having some fun, I now have to apologise..  So I hereby retract my insinuations that said fish was not a magnificant and glorious specimen, and that the integrity of the catchers is in question.

 I am sorry, to, that I referred to the proverbial iceman’s scales. I certainly was not thinking of George Gray at the time, for he is one of the squarest men I have ever dealt with. And they tell me Fred Dennis is looking for me with a shot gun, for he had a hand in the weighing. I hope this makes it alright, Fred.

 But you will pardon me if I take this occasion to suggest that a forty pound fish scarcely warrants a whole column on the front page of a newspaper. I can remember six different times I had a bigger one than that on my line--at least, it seemed that way. And I didn’t brag about it either, except to the family and friends and any stranger I happened to meet who hadn’t been warned to run at my approach.

 But Jake Hambelton has me beaten. He claims he actually landed one weighing one hundred and eighty-seven pounds. Wow!

    Most humbly yours,
     John Wells
Jake Hambelton lived two doors East of 421 Oak.

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