Golden Valley Fall Entrance

GOLDEN VALLEY SENIORS Exiting Golden Valley--Photo by KJG--July 06

October, 2006

Several Pumpkins

The Maris farm down on the corner, where Buckley-Tapps Hwy meets Sumner-Buckley Hwy, has an annual pumpkin patch and corn maze which attracted the interest of our grandson and his parents.

Moles are quite common in the area.  Some seem to be existing near the little stream that runs right behind our home, as a half dozen hills in the back lawn have appeared before and since our arrival.  So far, two of these critters have been removed by trapping them from their tunnels.

On  another occasion, we wondered at a lone coyote wandering a few scant feet from us through a cow pasture in a semi-populated area, while driving home from church one Sunday morning.  He wasn't interested in us at all.  On another drive through the Mt. Rainier National Park we slowed for the largest deer we had ever seen, who passed across the roadway ahead of us in the daylight darkness produced by the densely growing forest.  Looking back at that event, what we probably saw were two majestic elk.  The gentle lowing of the cows in nearby pastures at dusk will round out the word picture for now.

November 2006
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