Golden Valley Entrance

GOLDEN VALLEY SENIORS Exiting Golden Valley--Photo by KJG--July 06

About the Mountain...Aunt Frances wrote, in the summer of 1917, "Seattle was reached on Sunday and there we saw Mount Tacoma in all its majesty and no wonder it was called by the Indians "The Mountain that Was God" (large file) - it is 70 miles from Seattle and yet it looks as if it were right across the sound!" 
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The Golden Valley Senior Community is located along the river, northwest of Buckley, Washington.  We enjoy; a rural setting; magnificent views of the Mountain; aThe White River flowing towards the camera quiet hike through the woods down to the White River (color created by all the pumice it is carrying from the glaciers of the mountain); and all the friendly people we have met here.

Golden Valley, which is almost fully built out, is a cluster of some one-hundred manufactured homes for seniors in a quiet, gated community.  Special events including the End-of-Summer-Picnic and the Christmas party are planned and enjoyed by the residents. Constant loving care is given to landscaping by the home owners.

In some ways living in Golden Valley reminds me of my childhood days of growing up in Hamilton except, it seems, all us kids have grown older.  You are invited to return to this site at any time as we discover further rewarding experiences with our family, new friends, and neighbors on "the plateau below the foothills", in the shadow of Mt. Rainier.

     On the second Thursday of each month the men gather for breakfast from 8 to 9:30 am.  Look for the location on the announcement sign near the upper mailboxes.


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