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GOLDEN VALLEY SENIORS Last day of Dec 2006

February, 2007

Monthly meeting of the Golden Valley Men's Breakfast Club!
Thursday, February 8th.  8:00 am to 9:30 am, 410 Cafe,
Hwy 410 in Buckley

The Community Calendar is forming:

July 4                  Family Picnic. (Invite the kids and grandkids)
August 11            Community Yard Sale
September          End of Summer Potluck
November 11-17  Helping Hands Week (Food and toy donations)
December 15       Annual Christmas Party

More information will be provided when each event gets closer.

Groundhog Moon
The morning of Groundhog Day arrived with the setting of the full moon (seen here through the clouds).  One would question whether a moon shadow could be observed.  If the groundhog sees his shadow there would be six more weeks of winter, but if it is cloudy, he remains out as the weather is to be moderate.  (As dawn broke, the clouds turned red.)
    The men's breakfast was well attended.  The sun shone brightly through the restaurant windows, accentuating the spirited mood.  Minor corrections were made to the community phone list and other 'vital' information exchanged.
    By the 10th the moderate weather pattern predicted by the groundhog has brought more and more residents outside to work on late winter projects.  New homes continue to arrive and work is being completed on garages, drives, and interiors, to allow our new neighbors to move in.Soft-air plastic BBs
    On my first walk to the river several months ago I noticed various colored plastic beads along the trail.  I used them as markers to locate the correct path back home, (a la: Hansel and Gretel).  I discovered a bottle of these beads along the river trail last month.  Reading the Tacoma paper today I find that this is a bottle of soft-air plastic BBs with a quick pour spout, used by some in mock wargames.  Apparently a better way to "shoot your eye out".  Add this to the list of hazards to be watched for on your adventure walk down the trail.

Aerial Photo, 2005; Plotted 1-23-2007.    Pierce County has prepared a flood plain map for the Golden Valley area.  The area in BLUE is designated the 100 year "A Zone", while the PURPLE area is the 500 year "X500 Zone".  All other areas are clear of the flooding hazard, (unless, of course, the small stream overflows.) The White River is located off the map, beyond the blue zone.

    Speaking of the small stream, I believe it's time to give it a name.  So, for now, I will refer to it as the "Golden Ripples" rill.  In the photo above, Golden Ripples runs from the large green area behind the homes in the lower center, up under the street in the center, to the upper left, before turning right towards a beaver dam and on to the river.  Perhaps it would be good to have an 'official' naming contest open to the community, so I will pursue that option in the coming months.Seating for dwarfs, or small grandkids

    On the 26th, I clipped a pedometer on my belt for the hike down to the river.  Surprisingly, the distance measured but a short .55 mile from the center of Golden Valley, (241st Avenue). A third of the way along you will find an interesting junction with another trail...
...which features seating for your first 'rest stop'.  You may have noticed something on the tree in the background...

Its eyes are closed - 
        or are they???



...and on closer inspection you might still be as completely beshembled as I am.


    Across the river and some distance away, two pair of eagles soared in wide ranging dance circles that took them almost up to the clouds. 
(Personal note: As They were too far to fully identify, I must remember to carry my binoculars.)
    There is no place to rest your weary bones 'down by the riverside' before making the return trek to Golden Valley, so perhaps a lightweight portable chair would be a welcome addition to take along on your walk.
    The month finished up with snow showers, (no accumulation), interspersed with sunbreaks throughout its final day.


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