Golden Valley Entrance

GOLDEN VALLEY SENIORS Exiting Golden Valley--Photo by KJG--July 06

Management Concerns - Easy Reference

Managers: Ben and Pam
Asst. Mgr.: Dell

Note: Most of the community information found on this site is gleaned from the excellent newsletter publication "Neighbor To Neighbor" created for and distributed to all Golden Valley homeowners by Jerri.  Note: The newsletter has ceased publication.

13.  Management concerns missing for past 4 or so years.


12.  Work has begun on developing the old RV area for useful community activity.  Your input is requested and desired as it and other common areas are improved.

11.  Common areas are not a dumping ground for yard debris.  Please use Murrey's yard debris program.


10.  A second Community Bulletin Board, built by Lisle, has been placed near the lower mail boxes, using volunteer help.  Be sure to check for notices and announcements and upcoming events.

9.  The new RV Area will be ready soon which will free up the old area to be developed into an overflow parking area and grass with some benches, or possibly picnic tables. 

8.  The new "Rules and Regulations" went into effect as of April 1, 2007.


7.  The pamphlet, "New Rules and Regulations" has been distributed to all households as of February 17th.  Please sign and date the final page, indicating your acceptance or rejection of the document.  Return this to the manager's office by March 31st.

6.  Keep your pets in at night and only take them out on a leash.  Coyotes have been seen in the area looking for food.

5.  If Murreys Disposal misses your trash pick-up, you must call them at 922-6681, as they will only pick up the trash from those who have called.


4.  Our septic system depends on electricity to pump our sewers to the drain fields.  In long power outages it is important to remember  --  Excessive flushing or showers load our septic system and with no electricity to pump it we could have back ups.

3.  Our water system is gravity fed to each household.  That means that from the tank at the top of the hill, water runs to each home site.  The tank has a float which, when the water gets low, the water pumps kick on and the tank fills back up. Important; the water pumps take electricity to operate and fill the tank.  The power must be on to fill the tank.  During a long power outage please conserve your water usage, or we could run out of water.  Do not take showers or use any excessive amounts, because all you are doing is taking away from your neighbors in case our supply gets low.


2.  If you have a problem, tell the manager.


1.   Please...OBEY THE SPEED LIMIT OF 15 MPH...


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