Hamilton Centennial Celebration 1852 - 1952

With several 'founding' dates available the centennial committee set the 100th birthday events in the summer of 1952.

Majorette - Judy

City Marshal - George Weber leads the parade past Van Ausdall's Implement Store.

The Community Band marches lively into downtown,  past the Post Office on Broadway.  The majorette is Judy Jackson.


Kavanaugh & Hawkins Float.  The bather is Janet Biggs.

Ponies - Patsy Carr. - Keela Daugherty. - Tommy Coulter.


Merchants Penny Toss - City Park Amusement Games

Boy Scout Troop 41 Pop Stand Advertisement, pulled in the parade by Nelson Kimmell and his brother.


The Human Seal - City Park Stage

Bessie Whiteside (named after Bessie Willows) - Acrobatics - City Park Stage


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