The page of photos reproduced here is taken from one page in an album created in the early 1950's.  Various days and locations are evident, but a clear message of relaxation and peace is portrayed.


More Relaxation at Home


Time for relaxation in the living room.  Dad reads the evening Gate City. Behind him we see the floor model radio (more).  The family's '47 Chevy sits in the driveway outside the window.

Mealtime with Gma Huff (wearing an apron), Bob, Gma Willows, Esther, and Dad. Sunday dessert time with Esther, Pete, Bob and Dad.


Pete reading a comic book on the davenport. Smile - Bob, Gma Willows, Pete, Gma Huff.
Peter, burning with Sun's rays; abt. 1951.  Yep; he's in the living room!  We did those things.  Don't try this in your home, kids. Pete at home in the early 50's.
Seven year old baseball star. Pete and his parents
Peter Wells - Fall 1951 Dad, Mom, Pete
Pete with sibs' pics 1956 Bob, Esther, Pete - Creative eggologists
- Pete with pictures of his brothers & sister -
- Jan 1956 -
Check out the Lafayette TV; antenna rotor; globe; and bookcase full of encyclopedias.
 What better way to 'Think Spring' and warmer weather than to prepare for Easter and its timeless promise.
Bob shoveling the driveway. Esther on the wooden skies and down Oak Street.
Winter Fun In The Snow
Pete heads his sled down Oak Street. Brothers Pete and Bob
421 Oak Street Pete and Bob with bike inherited from older brothers.
Esther and Bob dressed up
Esther and Bob

Esther and Bob dressed for their parts in the "Wedding of the Painted Doll" - a grade school production.

Home from Sunday School

Raking leaves - Fall 1946




The fallen leaves kept us busy every fall, but, oh what fun to jump and play in before they were raked to the ditch and burned,




Gma Huff engaged in embroidery stitching. Gma Huff and her son, Gmap Willows - (not at Hamilton).

Pete gives the high-jump a great effort in 1952

Wild Game of Carroms - Living Room - 421 Oak
Early Spring - 1952
Esther - Dad - Pinky Porter


Brother Jack

I may add some more as time goes by...



Jack The Grocery Delivery

Brother Jack was 10 years old

Delivery Boy for Cosgrove Grocery


Snowman & Jack In First Snow Storm - Nov 1935






Jack - The Bandsman - He also played center on the football team.

Jack, Esther, and Dad - 1939


Ens. John T Wells

Jack - Dick - Sometime mid 40's


Jack and Dick at Lakeview Club, Hamilton

Jack poses by a snowman and an igloo - Keokuk, IA - 1930(?) [unidentified photographer]

The Mississippi River - A great place to get cool in the summer


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