Hubbard Cosgrove

Southwest Corner 4th and Oak
(Purchased the Pellett home)


Hubbard holding Esther 

    1939 - 'Hubbard Cosgrove  (1909-1990) - 'The Cookie Man' stands in front of his father's store - "George A. Cosgrove and Son Groceries" - on the south side of Broadway midway between 9th and 10th Streets.  Irene Felgar & Eloise Dickens clerked in the 50's. Yes, the sign says "(Aunt Jane Pure Cherry Preserves or Seedless Blackberry Preserves - Lb jar 39. Plumb Perserves Lb jar 27)

    Hubbard was one of a number of dedicated merchants who also served as volunteer firemen.  Hubbard was an avid fisherman who would head to the lakes in theNorth Woods of Wisconsin each year with his boys.  Mounted trophies were displayed on the back wall of the store near the meat block that attested to his skill.

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