Clarence Leroy and Pearl Avis (Gordon) Vestal

430 Oak Street



    This photo shows Roy painting the East bay window of his home.  My remembrances of  Roy were not the best.  He put on a gruff outer appearance which bothered the neighborhood gang.  We became particularly upset when he got out his shotgun one day and tried to shot the hoot owl that had roosted in a tree at the front of his property.  We planned our retaliation for one evening that fall.  After dark we stood at the Harris garage and threw rocks at the side of his house.  When he emerged, we didn't plan that he would turn on bright outdoor lights that would illuminate the area.  As we took flight to seek shelter, I made a dumb move and picked a spot to hide under Peachee's truck in the driveway.  Roy spotted me and my number was up.  I don't remember the rest...

    One day as we were playing as usual through the neighborhood, Esther had the misfortune of stepping on a pile of window glass that was near the Harris garage in Vestal's yard.  A chard of glass went through her goulashes, shoe, and on into her foot causing a severe cut.  She was laid up for a few days after that experience.  We learned to be careful with our surroundings because of lessons like this.










    Pearl was a prolific writer of histories that she sold to magazines and newspapers. Her account of Hamilton cemeteries is invaluable.  When their West lot was sold, another writer of Hamilton history moved into the new home built there.








    Don Gordon, Pearl (Gordon) Vestal, Veta Gordon (Don's wife), Joy Gordon (Roger's wife), and Roger Gordon in September of 1957.  It appears to be a Gordon family gathering at the Vestal home which was one time the Gordon family home.



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