The laundry bag hung in the hall outside the bathroom.  Do I remember a curtained off area?  Mondays were laundry day, by tradition.

    Mom would set the washer and two rinse tubs up in position in the middle of the basement floor over the drain.  Wash and rinse water remained the same throughout the entire process.  First to be washed were the lightly soiled white items.  After the appropriate amount of  agitation the wringer was set and turned on to wring out the wash water and allow it to return to the washer.  Once the clothes were in the first rinse tub, the next batch of laundry was added to the wash.  The clothes to be rinsed were swished around in the water and then the wringer moved to the position that would allow these to be wrung into the final rinse tub with the water returned to the first rinse tub.  A final swishing and wringing brought the clothes to the laundry basket, ready to be hung out on the clothesline in the back yard.  Meantime the next load was moved along through the rinse sequence.

    The clothesline needed to be wiped down every time and when the load was too great, props were used to keep the clothes off the ground.

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