Grape Arbor

Esther and the grape leaves.

    The grape arbor stood on the northwest side of the house.  I consideredt it to be a boundry between the backyard and the sideyard, just to the west of the clothesline.  It was constructed of four inch diameter cedar or crabapple wood, and stood some five foot in height.  The whole structure took up an area of about five by seven feet.  These measurements are only guesstaments.
    Primary use of the structure was to support a very viable growth of concord grapes.  I labeled it concord, due to the fact that the fruit was large and purple.  Dad must have been well versed in the pruning of the vine, as there were few years that it didn't prosper and strain the arbor under the weight of it's harvest.
    One year, we had other plans for the arbor.  What a perfect place to build a cabin for the nieghborhood gang.  Why, the framework was already in place.  All that was needed was to fill in the sides with whatever scrap wood could be had from around the neighborhood.  We worked hard and completed the project by mid-summer.  The roof was a perfect covering of green foliage.  A door and several window spaces gave our creation the semblance of respect.  Old porch carpeting covered the dirt floor.
    To top the project off, we would choose to spend the night from time to time.  I well remember one particular occasion.  It was a Fourth of July.  After a good night's sleep, I awoke with the dawn and thought it appropriate to begin the celebration.  I only had time to fire off one TNT charge, when Dad appeared at his bedroom window, and with one cool, "Do you know what time it is?  That will be enough!", delayed any further revelry until later in the day.
    The grape arbor outlasted the cabin and continued to give us it's harvest for many years.

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