Graphite Empire

    I understand the structure was created around WWI era.  It was reported to be some sort of top secret electric furnace.  Now the remains of the core concrete 3+ story structure stands as mute testimony to a past experiment just to the south of the sewage treatment plant.

    I would climb the steel framework of a long gone building attached to the front and enjoy the passing parade from my lofty perch.  Prodding and digging through the rubble inside the concrete, I came across the discovery of the day.  The place was rich in graphite bars.  Some large 5" x 5" x 36" and others 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" x 12".

    Now to bring the booty home required many trips to and from the site including overloading the wagon and struggling up the hill.  I would be rich!!!  All I had to do was to turn my inventory into pencils.  Well, the project didn't get off the ground and those blocks to this day serve as borders around the front and east flower beds of 421 Oak Street.  No maps are available for future treasure hunters.

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