Lakeview & Hi-Tension clubs

    The Lakeview Club is just around the corner from where the turnoff to the farm is.  Now it seems to be a camper area.  In it's heyday it was my dream summer vacation spot to be in.



Swing set at Lakeview Club - Roseland Newport - Bobby - Esther - 1940







Large slide at Lakeview Club (The Clubhouse) - Fearless 2 year old leading the way - 1940




Bobby and Esther with Cousin Mary CurranThis picture, taken on the grass, looks towards the swimming area.  The water, of course is the Mississippi River at the point where Cheney Creek joins.  Over Esther's head, along the distant shoreline, is the location of Chute's Beach.   The girl is our cousin, Mary Curran.

Did he really go down the slide or was it all show?

A picture of me standing at the top of the High Slide, (I was a little older in this picture.)  With proper priming, the pump was used to create a cascade of water to slide down on (and also cool the hot metal.)   The lifejacket was kapok filled orange canvas.  The entire slide was in the water.

A good place to play in the sand.Esther and me playing in the imported sand at the seawall.  At about 30 feet from the seawall, the bottom turns into the totally natural mud and it is better to be swimming when you reach that area!  The buildings in the background were the men's and women's bathhouses.
   1st Horseback adventure?  Union Electric employees held their annual picnic at the Lakeview Club in Hamilton.  Pete who was almost two, enjoys his first horseback adventure (assisted by Esther) at the Hi-Tension Club Picnic in 1946.  There was food, pop, and games for all ages.  The dry-ice used to keep the ice-cream cold resulted in interesting 'boiling' effects when we tossed hunks of it into the river.  Mom took home a broken handle in the rolling-pin throwing contest, and I won a floor lamp as a door prize one year.  (That featured the 'new' large base 3-way bulb!)  In another get together, the Christmas party included food, movies (some taken at the previous picnic), dancing, games, and a visit from Santa after a very loud sing of Jingle Bells that he could finally hear from afar.  Life doesn't get any better than that




     Each summer, the Lakeview Club provided the family with a place for recreation.   There were rowboats available to use, and this is where I would launch the kayak.

The Junior-Senior prom, dinner and dance were held at Lakeview each year.

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