Storm Windows

    The old house had storm windows, that Dad would install each fall.  That meant clambering up the extension ladder and then pulling the heavy windows up on a rope.  Not something done when the winds were blowing.  The attic windows were out of reach.

    Come to think of it, the screens suffered too, from the ivy that would overgrow and cling.

    There were two panels of oilcloth which were bolted together to form a wind block for the West door.  These were stored in the space over the dining room which was accessed from the entry at the top of the stairs.

    Maintenance was a continuing problem, with glazing and painting a yearly chore.  There was a convenient space under the West porch to store the out-of-season windows or screens.

    If it weren't for the storm windows and thick brick walls, covered with plaster, the house would have been much colder.

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