Raking Hickory Nuts

Big brother shows how it's done.Rake the Nuts - Mow the Grass

    Mowing was the assigned chore after the grass became too long, but because of a niggling practice of procrastination, (which was compounded by the problem of fallen hickory nuts and hulls that would constantly jam the cutting blades), much labor was expended on that gently sloping lawn..

    Of course when the grass became too long because of the afore mentioned character flaw, it was almost impossible to rake up and dispose of the fallen nuts.  This was indeed quite a problem but of course the chore had to be completed.  It was expected.

    The push mower was sturdily constructed and therefore weighed, about a ton.  It was kept in good repair by Dad, who would periodically sharpened the blades and oil and adjust it into a great cutting machine.  Of course, all this care lengthened its service for many years.  When it was finally replaced, I know the lessons it taught us about honest work would remain embedded in our minds for a lifetime.

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