Mississippi Flood of May, 1952

The Dike Road (only route between Hamilton and Keokuk), one and a half hours before it was closed because of the flood.

All but six spillways open


Water flowing over roadway

Time to stop the traffic

Last vehicles

Heading to Hamilton

Mississippi River Bridge to Hamilton
What was the toll each way in 1954? 
Observe the brick paving on this approach in Keokuk.

One thin dime each way in 1954.  The toll was set by operating costs of the bridge and dike.  After one devastating flood it rose to 50 cents, (one direction only). Which direction got the free ride?  I don't remember.


Winter ice at old lock.
1950's.  The river would freeze solid above the dam in most years.  This scene shows some of the coffer dam for the new locks construction in the foreground at the upper end of the original locks.  That is the Coast Guard buoy-tender waiting for the spring thaw



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