Crawl Thru Culvert

    The more I think about it, the more I realize that this was a solo act.  Anyway, the challenge; find my way to the other side of the street without crossing over the street.  The solution; use the underground storm drain culvert.

    It was dry, so it must have been mid summer.  The trail leads through the lower lot and through the woods into the ravine and through the tunnel under the highway, (the route always taken to the river bottom.)   Down by the oil company was the road to be challenged.  Into the ditch and behind the bush was the entrance.  I crawled into the opening.  Halfway, and all was well.  Then the sand and gravel began building up.  Now, there's still room to move forward for a little guy, but I began experiencing that cramped feeling as the ceiling of the tunnel got closer.

    The point came when there was no more room to move even at a flat out crawl.  Now what?  My hands found the sand and gravel to be loose enough to move to the rear and with much effort, forward progress continued.  Where was the end?

    Will the rains find the way blocked by one stubborn kid?  After endless hours of eating sand, moved from ahead, I emerged at my goal.  I had crossed the street!

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