Frances to John, July 24, 1916

Postmarked Jul 24, 1916
Episcopal Hospital, Philadelphia

Mr. John M. Wells
Riverside Club House
Pennsgrove, New Jersey

Jack dear,

Maybe I was not a disappoined girl yesterday. It was raining when I woke up and seemed to have no intentions of stopping. That was at 6:30 when I should have gotten up to catch the 8:30 train so I said "Oh the Dicken's" and crawled back into bed to take another nap before I pulled out for home. When I woke up at 7:30 it was still raining but by the time I left here at 9:30 it was clearing. Was I mad, no a stage beyond, if there had been any way to get word to you I would have gone on down anyway, but there wasn't so I just went on out home wishing I were on my way to Pennsgrove.

I am going to get to Pennsgrove in the very near future - the first clear Sunday I am off & you are there - maybe two weeks from yesterday. Will you be there or in Germantown. Write and let me know. Pardon this scrawl. I am on duty and very busy and this is improvised note paper from a history sheet.

A great deal of love, Fad

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