Frances to John, July 15, 1917

{must have been July 1917}
St. Stephen's Hospital
Fort Yukon, Alaska

Dear John:

Your note came and welcome it was too -- although I was disappointed in not getting your picture too. But here's hoping, and also next time you sit down and chat instead of running off a note during business hours the same as you would a piece of duty to be done rather than a rare treat of writing to your sister Fanny!! Now then how do you like being scolded from long distance?

I am sorry that the plans for Joseph for Pennsgrove did not work out -- I heard from him the same mail and he wrote quite freely about it -- Between you and me and the gate post and don't you ever let it get back to the boy -- he was quite hurt at your recantion of him! Somehow or other he felt he was not welcomed with the glad hand and open heart.

Now I can readily understand how his big sensitive nature could get this impression where not intended. In fact he says that he "may be mistaken but nevertheless it killed the plan" but right here is a tip for you not so much in dealing with Joe (because after he caught his breath he felt alright towards you at least he was determined to do so) but in dealing and meeting other people -- you do have a streak in you (the same as I have) that must be controlled for it gives the impression of our being a snob while in truth ones heart is yearning and trying to go out to the person one appears so snobbish with -- It is all due to what is called shyness and I know you will recognize just what I mean -- And queer too isn't it that it comes out the strongest with people in our own walk in life and disappears with those who have had fewer advantages? You know it.

This all sounds like sermonizing but you won't take as such I know as it is only meant for "a tip".

This work up here is wonderful -- The most worthwhile I have ever done. And the Burke family is splendid and we have such good times together.

I am sending a detail letter home and you'll get a share of it in due time ---- I am most too busy to write more that a personal hello ---

Write soon and get that picture off. A heap of love to you and rememberances for Deaconess Mitchell--


Sunday July 15th

Your picture or any package will have to be mailed by the middle of August to get to me before next June - so hustle up. F.

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