Frances to John, September 28, 1917

St. Stephen's Hospital
Fort Yukon, Alaska

Dear John:

Your letter and pictures arrived after a journey of many adventures! It, with a car load of mail lay buried for several days under several tons of rock etc. in the White Pass -- A land slide derailed two cars of the three engine train and wonder of wonders, there were only two people that were killed when the cars fell many hundred feet with the top of {one of} the mountains coming down on top of them! The picture was a trifle bent but not where it spoiled it any and I am so glad to have it.

I certainly was very happy to get your last letter. It explained, answered, and told me of many things I have been wondering about and you were an "old peach" to sit down and chat so freely. A letter of that kind is one that really counts. I was so glad that you and Joe got on level ground so quickly and easily. And I am now mighty thankful for the plans that have developed into his going to Perkiomen -- as it is certainly the place for him as the C. H. S. was not.

The news about your moving was entirely a surprise to me and also all that was centered about it. I expect you are busier that ever and I know more keenly interested if possible with your Boys Club. Be sure to tell me all about it as they are "A member of society" up here that cause no small concern -- and you might have ideas that would be applicable to the Indian youths of this place.

Sometime in the near future I start another long detail letter, so this is to be just a short personal note carrying a load of love and many many thoughts.

You must remember to give my kindest regards to the deaconess.

I do wish I had time to write you more than a note for I feel in the humor of chatting with J. M. W. but river navigation closes very soon now. Then out going mail will be delayed 2 weeks ere it is frozen strong enough for winter travel and therefore I must get off a few hurried notes and get busy on the "regular one".

Ever your own, "Fanny"

September 28th

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