Uncle Will to John, November 8, 1918

Germantown Trust Company
S.E. Cor. Chelten & Germantown Aves.
Philadelphia Nov 8, 1918

Mr. John M. Wells
Box 925
Jacksonville, Tenn

I feel I must send even this hurried scrawl, dear John, and if it but poorly expresses my thoughts please take the will for the deed.

Ever since the first word came of the Alaskan tragedy you have been much in our thoughts and prayers. Our Frances was certainly a fine character and led a noble and useful life.

I am sure as I grow older there is no special virtue in living long or in one place, like a tree.After her eager, strenuous life full of unselfish work for other people, I know she is happy & rests.

The lines often come into my mind. "They are happy now & we etc.

Do you know those of Spencer's? Aunty Mae has often quoted them lately. "Peace after storm, Rest after strife, Death after life doth greatly ease". Am afraid I don't quote correctly.

What wonderful things happen now a days. Elections, German's overcome. Peace surely coming. Not to mention influenza, your fire, etc.

We were very sorry to hear of your having the last two. With much love from us both.

Your Caring Uncle, Will

Kindest remembrances to the "Deaconess"

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