Headstone Marker - Juneau

From the pen of Yvonne Mozee

Yes, the gravesite of Walter and Frances is marked in the main Juneau cemetery. A double plot with stone marker. I think the inscription was by Hudson Stuck (I don't have a photographic or even a semi-photographic memory, but I do have lots of notes here and there and I only quote-for-sure what I'm sure of. Does that make sense?! And I have a niggling memory that Stuck did so). Here's what it says:

Here Lies the Bodies of Walter Harper and Francis Wells his wife.
Drowned on the Princes Sophia 25th Oct.1918
May light Perpetual Shine Upon Them
They were Lovely and Pleasant in Their Lives
And in Death They Were Not Divided
11 Samual 1.23

I've copied this from a Gastineau Channel (Juneau) Historical society newsletter, with misspellings as reprinted there. I've visited the site (could take you to it!) and taken pictures years back.

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