Eleanor to John, October 28, 1918

Postmarked Oct 29, 1918, Philadelphia, Pa

John M Wells, Mechanical Department
Old Hickory Powder Plant, Nashville, Tennessee
October 28th

Dear John,

We are all certainly glad to hear that you are up and able to be out again. Do keep well - it has been a mighty serious time.

I am dreadfully sorry - but this letter must give you bad news. No doubt you have seen in the papers that a passenger ship was wrecked just outside of Skagway and that no lives were saved. Frances and Walter were on that boat. We had a wire from Walter's brother in law to that effect. There was a terrific storm and the boat pounded on the rocks. The lifeboats were unable to get to her. It is very dreadful but I am afraid, John, that there is little hope of our receiving any better news. We have been anxious for some time to hear from Frances knowing that the severe weather was coming, and it is a dreadful shock to get such news as this. Daddy is keeping up splendidly but has aged years since reading the papers yesterday morning. We will let you know immediately, if we get any more news of any kind. I suppose we must try to remember that Frances has had a most happy year and how radiently happy she was in her marriage and that she will never know the sorrow of separation.

Give my love to the Deaconness.

Just lots of love from


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