John M. Wells Photos

There were numerous photos taken of John M. Wells over the years.  Some have been selected for this page.


Photo of Month June 03

Mary Griffith with John M. Wells - Gill Jr. on Roof - Laura Griffith, 6354 Germantown Ave., Germantown, PA - Abt. 1900










Photo of Month May 03 This photo is actually in post card form, which was popular at that time.  Was this the photo taken in response to his sister Frances's repeated requests in the spring and summer of 1917?









Gma Jones, John, Meg, and Madlin - 1924?


Dick handing his Dad a screw for the flower box. - April '36


Father and Son

Dick, Jack, Esther, John, Dorris  - 1938?  

Dad and Bob - August 1938





John M. Wells rests in the west yard.










Living room rocker in the 1950's. Check out the wallpaper, and the 45 rpm record changer on top the radio.








 All decked out for the University of Delaware reunion.









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