Frances to John, April 29, 1917

Postmarked: Apr 29, 1917
708 Spruce Street
Riverside Club House
Pennsgrove, New Jersey

Mr John M Wells

Two of the most important things I wanted to tell you I forgot in my last letter! One. I must, spelt with capitals and underlined until the page is covered! have a decent picture of you and right away. Impatient - well perhaps felt not really as I think I have waited a great long time rather quietly. I have just had mine taken again and if they are good one will wait addressed to you to be mailed the day I get yours! Lipp 12th & Chestnut is having a "special" for a couple of weeks of their $10 per doz pictures for $4 and you can get 3 for $1 - so you see I'll take no excuse so get on a pretty smile and go see Mr Lipp. You don't need an appointment.

Then the other thing is that book "Modern Discipleship" it does not belong to me I have discovered so may I have it back soon so as to return it to the school?

I have been thinking about you a whole heap lately and wondering how much this conscription law will make you postpone your plans. For I suppose if you leave DuPonts you will have to enlist - not that I am against any of my brothers enlisting but I can't help but feel that your work for your country is that of the church militant and not country militarism. As much as I loath & detest "mother's darlings" that oh my! dear me! must go to war!

I think that everyone has their own particular work and you should not and must not let any false patriotism lead you to enlist at the cost of the work you have been aiming for and are peculiarly fitted and called for. It seems to me and of course you know I write all this with the thought in back of it that your life is for you to live and judge what is best for it but I can't help letting you know that I am in sympathy with the thought that you should stay where you are until such time as it shall please God to let you go to the Divinity School with such preparations as seems best - after this war is over. You are serving your country at Pennsgrove and can serve your God too in more ways that is our power to number.

Write me soon John dear and let me know what you are doing and thinking for you are very close to my heart these days. If it seems best to postpone your studying we both can save my money against the right time.


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