8. Arthur WELLS was born about 1828 in Pennsylvania.  He was a member of St Michael's Church in 1865 in  Germantown, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Arthur WellsArthur Wells, assistant cashier of the Western National Bank, of Philadelphia, died  on Monday, 14 Jun 1886 at his residence, Price street, in Germantown, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, after an illness of three weeks. He was a younger brother of the late Francis Wells, editor of the Evening Bulletin. He was born in this city in 1828, and at the age of twenty years he engaged in the commission business at Front and Chestnut streets. About the year 1851 he accepted a position as assistant bookkeeper in the Western National Bank. He was repeatedly advanced until 1874, when he was made assistant cashier, which position he held at the time of his death. Mr. Wells leaves a widow, who is a daughter of the late John P. Aertsen, and one son. He was for many years an active member of St. Michaels P. E. Church, of which he was at one time a warden. His funeral took place on Wednesday. He was buried on 17 Jun 1886 in the Aertsen family gravesite, located in front of St. Barnabas Hall, St. Luke's Episcopal church, Germantown, Pa.. The service was performed by John K. Murphy. Plot # A064.

Diploma: Central High School of Philadelphia, Arthur Wells, 2 Year English Course, July 15th, 1845. Richard B. Wells has current possession of this document.

Arthur Wells and Anne F. Wells were listed as living with her father in the 1870 census. Arthur was listed as a teller at the Western Bank.

He was married to Anne Frances AERTSEN on 11 Sep 1860.

9. Anne Frances AERTSEN was born on 6 Aug 1830 in Tennessee.

A. Frances Wells is listed in the 1890 Philadelphia City Directory as a widow living at 60 High Street, Germantown, with her son.

She died on 5 Apr 1900. She was buried on 9 Apr 1900, next to her husband. The service was performed by John K Murphy. Tombstone: Anne Frances Aertsen Wife of Arthur Wells Aug 6 1830 - Apr 5 1900. Plot # B063.

Children were:

child4 i. Guilliam Aertsen WELLS