4. Guilliam Aertsen WELLS was born on 8 Jul 1864 in Philadelphia,Pennsylvania.

Guilliam Aertsen Wells He was confirmed on 9 Jun 1880 in St Michael's Church, Germantown, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Church records indicated that he was a St. Michael's communicant this date. In the 1900 census his address was listed as 149 Washington Lane, Germantown. Renting. Real Estate Broker.

Letterhead of business stationary - Mortgages - 20 Years experience at your service Real Estate Broker, 918 Stephen Girard Building, 12th Street below Market, Philadelphia PA. (Letter refers to Madelin as M.M.) Richard B. Wells has possession of this letter.

He was married to Margaretta Carter MURPHY on 12 Jun 1888 in St. Michael's Germantown, Philadelphia Pennsylvania. Married by John K. Murphy. Witness: Many friends & large congregation.

Guilliam A. Wells is listed in the 1890 Philadelphia City Directory as a clerk, living at 60 High Street, Germantown.
Gulliam died on 22 Dec 1922 in Germantown, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania of heart disease. He was buried on 24 Dec 1922 in Northwood Cemetary, Germantown, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Minister, Gilbert Pemker.




5. Margaretta Carter MURPHY was born in Sep 1865 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She died in Jun 1905.

Margaretta Carter (Murphy) Wells 1880 Census reports, At school. Living at 4 Herman St., Germantown. 

Margaretta died in June 1905 and was buried on 17 Jun 1905 in Northwood Cemetary, Germantown, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

   Early Germantown, Penn. home of Guilliam and Margaretta Wells and kids.  The address was 60 High Street according to the 1890 Philadelphia City Directory.  Guilliam's mother, A. Frances Wells was listed as living at the same address.  The house still stands just as it is in this picture.  Its current address is 33 E. High Street and it sits opposite the Germantown High School.


The Wells Family Summer House, Cape May, NJ.  Cousin Eleanor explains it thusly - "The whole tribe complete with cook and probably nurse maid would move down in the summer - but this was before mother, Margretta, died.  I have pictures of them in their "bathing costumes" that are a sight.  I can't imagine father coping with the move after she died and besides by then money was very tight.  It must have been something to move all those kids (between one and l5 ! Of course my mother had only sketchy memories because she was nine when her mother died." 


Guilliam is listed in the 1910 census living at 6118 Baynton Street, Germantown, a widow with all 9 children still at home.  He {incorrectly?} lists his father's birthplace as Virginia and his mother's as Maryland.

Guilliam is listed in the 1920 census living at 155 E Walnut, Germantown with Eleanor (married), James, Theodore, John, and Joseph.

 Picture - Kindness of Dr. Myron B. WaitOne of the childhood homes of John M. Wells in Germantown, PA listed above.  It is believed that the family occupied the duplex on the left which now sports new windows, roofing, and siding.  The yellow stucco porch conversion on the right is likely another later modification. (circa - 1980?)


These three addresses were within several blocks of each other in the St. Michael's neighborhood.
Children were:

The Wells Family.  

child i.  Frances WELLS was born on 24 Apr 1889 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Frances Wells She was baptized on 10 Aug 1889 in St Michael's Church, Germantown, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Service by John K Murphy. Sponsored by E B Murphy, JKM, and F A Wells. She was a nurse at Episcopal Hospital, Philadelphia Pennsylvania, Dec 1915 and Saint Stephen's Hospital, Fort Yukon, Alaska, Jun 1918. She died with her husband, Walter Harper, on 25 Oct 1918 in a great shipping disaster. The Canadian Steamer Princess Sophia sank off the Alaskan coast during a sudden, violent storm that sent it into the rocks of Vanderbuilt Reef in the Lynn Canal. There were no surivors in the 268 passengers and 63 officers and crew. They were buried about Nov 1918 in Juneau, Alaska.


child ii.  Arthur Wells was born on 11 Aug 1890 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

He was baptized on 12 Oct 1890 in St. Michael's Church, Germantown, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Service by John K. Murphy. Sponsored by W. T. Murphy & May Warington. He died on 27 Nov 1950 in Cheltenham, , Pennsylvania. Obituary...ARTHUR WELLS, Metal Engineer. Arthur Wells, of 532 Arbor Road, Cheltenham, a metallurgical engineer with the Horace T. Potts Co, died suddenly Munday. He was 60. He was a former president of the Cheltenham Township Art Center, a founder of the Cheltenham Choral Art Society, and a member of the Pallette Players. He was Rector's Warden and a Lay Reader at St. Aidan's Episcopal Church in Cheltenham. He graduated from Lehigh University in 1911. Surviving are his wife, the former Florence Beach, and two daughters, Mrs John J. Bockman, and Mrs. E. Albert Kaeppler. A sister, Mrs. George C. Blackwood, and four brothers, Guilliam A., John M., Joseph and Theodore also survive. Services will be held Saturday at 11 A.M., at St. Aidan's Church. He was buried on 2 Dec 1950 in Cheltenham, , Pennsylvania. The Cheltenham Palette Players had a repertiore of Gilbert and Sullivan. 'Yeoman of the Guard' was performed in 1940 and again in 1947, completing the 16th season. "When Yeoman rolls around in 1954 I shall be sixty-four years old! So very likely I have performed my part as Wilfred Shadbolt for the last time. I think however I can look forward to yielding the spot-light to a younger man the more willingly in that I shall be permitted to stand in the bass row of the chorus. Basses never wear out. Who knows - they may even humor me by pushing me on stage in my wheel-chair." (letter to John Wells dtd 2 December 1947)

child iii.  Eleanor WELLS was born on 26 Feb 1892 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Eleanor Wells at Cape May She was baptized on 29 May 1892 in St. Michael's Church, Germantown, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Performed by John K. Murphy. Sponsored by Parents & Emma Kish. Nicknamed "Dear Nan" by Eleanor Blackwood Graham.

child iv.  Guilliam Aertsen WELLS Jr was born on 5 Feb 1894 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Gil and John at Cape May, NJ He was baptized on 21 Feb 1894 in St. Michael's Church, Germantown, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Service by John K. Murphy.

Guilliam married Ruth Williams.  They had three children; Ruth, Guilliam III, and Barbara.Barbara Joan (Wells) Petruccelli  -  1932-2010


       16 March 1932  --  19 June 2010


 Guilliam divorced Ruth and then married Amanda "Mannie". 

child v.  Mary Esther Aertsen WELLS was born on 21 Aug 1895 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Mary Esther Aertsen Wells 1900 census reports born date Aug 1896. She was baptized on 22 Dec 1895 in St. Michael's Church, Germantown, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Service by John K. Murphy. Sponsors, Mother, M. Jackson and J. B. Murphy.


John and Esther




John M. Wells and Esther Wells



She married George Campbell BLACKWOOD,  b. 27 Aug 1893, and d. 26 Dec 1977.  They had a daughter, Mary Eleanor Wells BLACKWOOD.

George Blackwood, Joe Wells, Guilliam Wells
  "Joe, you grab George's legs and I'll get his arms and we'll show him how we welcome people into the family by throwing them into the ocean." (Picture was likely taken at the Cape May summer house.)


John M. Wells and niece Eleanor Blackwood - Sept. 1938 Hamilton, Illinois






 At 421 Oak Street.  Jack Wells and his Aunt Esther - 1939.

Aunt Esther died on 10 Jan 1989.

child vi.  John Murphy WELLS

John Murphy Wells

child vii.  Joseph Carter WELLS was born on 7 Mar 1899 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Joseph Wells - 1945 visit to Hamilton. He was baptized on 4 Jun 1899 in St. Michael's Church, Germantown, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Service by John K. Murphy and the  sponsors were Dr and Mrs Pearsen Willets and Mother. On August 26, 1935 he married Johanna "Anne" Petronella Van Deene. He died in August 24, 1973 in West Springfield, Mass.

child viii.  James A. WELLS was born on 6 Feb 1901 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

James A. Wells He was confirmed on 28 June 1917 in St. Michael's Church, Germantown Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Rev Gilbert Pruber, Rector. He was baptized in St. Michael's Church, Germantown, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Baptized as infant.

child ix.  Theodore Carter WELLS was born on 18 Oct 1903.

Theodore Carter Wells He was baptized on 30 Apr 1904 in St. Michael's Church, Germantown, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Service by Rev J. D. Newliss. Sponsors: Rev John F. Kirk Jr. and Abbie Kirk. He Died in Dec 1978. Died while living at Kennett Square, Chester Pennsylvania.