Framed in red plush in comparativly recent years.The restored plate.

The Hill-Wells Coat of Arms

64. Richard WELLS was born in 1734. He died in 1801.

Came from England abt 1750.  An interesting footnote of how this came about appears in the Hill Family Book.

Framed plate from England. Hill-Wells Coat of Arms quartered together. Hill's arms = 3 lion heads, Talbot for crest. Currently possessed by Tyler G. Wells.

Richard was married to Rachel HILL on 17 Apr 1758 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

65. Rachel HillRachel HILL was born 1735 and died in 1796.

Children were:

child i. Richard WELLS died in infancy.
child ii. Samuel WELLS
child  iii.Mary WELLS was born in 1761.  She died in 1819.
child iv. Gideon Hill WELLS
child   v. Henry WELLS
child  vi. Hannah Hill WELLS died 29 June, 1796.
child vii. Richard WELLS died in infancy.
childviii. Richard WELLS was the twin of Robert.
child ix. Robert WELLS was the twin of Richard.
child  x. Rachel WELLS was born in 1770. She died 15 February, 1842.
child xi. William Hill WELLS
childxii.George WELLS died in infancy.