32. Gideon Hill WELLS was born on 25 Sep 1766. He died on 23 May 1837.

Possibly lived in Trenton NJ as refered to in letter #6 of Richard W. Wells to Abigail Griffiths, 30 Aug 1815.

A distinguished Philadelphia merchant.

He was married to Hannah WALN on 11 May 1790.

33. Hannah WALN was born on 23 Sep 1771. She died on 25 Mar 1820.

Children were:

child i. Richard WELLS. Stillborn
child16 ii. Richard Waln WELLS
child iii. Robert Waln WELLS was born on 9 Oct 1794.
child iv. Charles Moore WELLS was born on 18 Jun 1796.
child v. Rebecca WELLS was born on 15 Jan 1799. She died on 11 Mar 1843.
child vi. Lamar Gideon WELLS was born on 30 Mar 1800.
child vii. Lloyd Waln WELLS was born on 30 Jun 1801.
child viii. Mary H WELLS was born on 22 Mar 1803.