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April, 2007

Monthly meeting of the Golden Valley Men's Breakfast Club!
Thursday, April 12th.  8:00 am to 9:30 am, 410 Cafe,
Hwy 410 in Buckley


April 1st Press Release:  Golden Valley Seniors announced today that they have secured a tentative option on 1,000 feet of river front property for the purpose of building a picnic pavilion and 100 slip marina on the White River at the end of the River Trail.  Also included in the package is an agreement for exclusive lifetime access to the marina and unlimited fishing rights, (in so far as all is in agreement with existing laws and customs).  Final disposition of the option is expected to be announced soon. {submitted by Murchuda}.

April 2nd Press Release
:  Golden Valley Seniors announced today that they have scraped all plans announced on April 1st.  While no one knows for sure, the reason seems to be related to existing laws and customs.  It is expected that new ideas will be forwarded next April Fools Day.  (Murchuda)

    Today's weather was an interesting mix of melted snow showers and sunshine, and we must wait a while longer to get back to the yard work. 

Easy acces to water's edge

    With such a great resource at our doorstep it is only proper that we set aside some promotional events.  One of several months throughout the year, April has been proclaimed "White River Month".  Invite family and friends to enjoy the cool and refreshing goodness of the River.  They will be impressed!

  From dispair to hope  WORTHY OF YOUR ATTENTION -- The children and congregation of the Waters Church celebrated their first service together in honor of Jesus Christ's resurrection this Easter by decorating a very bleak looking cross with colorful tulips. After the service the kids enjoyed an Easter egg hunt. You are invited to join us Sundays at 10:30 am. Meetings are currently held at the Dieringer Heights Elementary school 21727 34th Street E, Bonney Lake.

 On the road to Buckley   Will we ever tire of Mt. Rainier?  No way!  Its snow pack is added to daily.  This view, (across one of many dairy pastures in the area), was taken in mid morning of the 11th.  Yes, the fruit trees are in blossom.  While some areas of the hard hit National Park will remain closed this year, repairs to the damage from the November storms have been moving rapidly ahead.  Highway 706 to Paradise is expected to reopen to the public on May 5th and the 410 should be ready by mid May.  The White River campground follows at the end of June, about the time Sunrise Road will be ready.

    All are invited to meet for a special River Trail enhancement party at 9am on Friday the 20th.  Bring your machete or other brush clearing tools.  Many improvements have already been accomplished.Eats a lot of bugs

    Mid month has had an assortment of spring showers.  Today thunderstorms were predicted.  Instead we were given an interesting mix. As I relaxed on the back patio a robin came visiting.   I had reported earlier of seeing soaring Eagles at the river. Graceful soaring buzzard Today I discovered that they were (in all probability) Turkey Vultures, as one flew low over Golden Valley before soaring with another up into the clouds.
It felt comforting to be on the ground and I think our new friends like it here too, having been adopted at the VFW garage sale in Enumclaw this past weekend.  (NEW CONTEST -- Name the Elf.  Entries will be accepted through the end of the month.)

 By the Golden Ripples'Kibbles' - The Elf

The Sun begins to break out from behind a dark cloudThe clouds remained throughout the afternoon.  The next afternoon a rare thunderstorm finally rumbled north of us, for a short while.




These pigs are serious    At the Puyallup Spring Fair we found farm animals that  are not as commonly seen on the local farms as are cows and horses.  The 4-H Clubs and FFA Chapters from around the county were well represented in competition.  In this age group, the presentation by the youth was being stressed more than the physical qualities of the sometimes ornery  pigs.
Puyallup Tribe Veteran Color Guard
      We caught up with the Daffodil Parade in Sumner, which was the third of four towns for the parade in one day.  There seemed to be as many bands as there were floats, with well over 100 units participating.  The rains even held off!  Parade Theme winner 'Daffodils and All That Jazz'








    Very old apple trees

   The untended apple trees are in full blossom down at the old orchard by the river.  Just a little further and you will find a good growth of Lilacs.  This might just be the best best time of the year to observe new life emerging from its winter's nap.

The aroma is almost overwhelming!









'I'm a great li'l digger!'


     After an extensive tunneling project through the area beyond the back yard last night, this gnome turned up in mid-morning to claim credit.  My question is:  Where do moles find such good looking dirt?  Luckily this time, the mound appeared just beyond the lawn area.  The trap has been repositioned and is ready once again.
    after much deliberation and wrangling by the judging staff, the winner of the 'Name the Elf' contest
(see rules above) has been determined .  Congratulations to Robert who submitted the name "KIBBLES", which is a very fitting and proper title.  Thanks to all who participated.

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